Cat Reunites with Owner Six Years After Falling Out of Condo Window


Imagine the pain and the fear associated with having a beloved pet vanish into thin air. Unfortunately, it is something that happens to pet owners all the time. Despite being a pet owner’s worst nightmare, it’s something that can happen to even the most careful of individuals. For the most part, people have a tendency to dote on their pets, constantly keeping a watchful eye over them in order to make sure that they get the best care possible and that nothing happens that could potentially separate them. Unfortunately, freak accidents sometimes happen, even when the most careful individuals are involved. That is precisely what happened to Margaret Cooke when her beloved cat Mini Max fell out of an upstairs bedroom window and disappeared.

How It Happened

Cooke runs a rescue for cats called The Rescue Business. It’s her own nonprofit and over the years, she has rescued countless numbers of cats. As luck would have it, she was giving medicine to one of those cats, one that was rather sick, when she heard a noise that came from upstairs. She rushed up to see what happened, carefully searching the room. At first, she didn’t see anything out of the ordinary but upon closer inspection, she found that the screen had popped out of her open bedroom window. This is where the real panic started to set in. She had a few cats that were upstairs in her bedroom at the time that she heard the crash, so she started getting a head count in order to make sure that everyone was still there. She was especially concerned about her one- year old cat Mini Max, as the two of them had become especially close. She might have only had him for a short time, but she felt a connection with him that was almost instantaneous. That connection between the two of them had only grown in the time that she had him, a bond that was like nothing else she’d ever experienced before. Imagine her panic and her heart break when she realized that out of all of her cats, Mini Max was the one missing.

The Search Begins

As you can imagine, Cooke immediately ran downstairs in an attempt to find her beloved cat. Unfortunately, she couldn’t find him anywhere. She searched the entire neighborhood, even looking as best she could to see if he had landed on an awning somewhere nearby. She asked every passerby that she saw whether or not they had seen the cat, all to no avail. Eventually, she put up posters all over the neighborhood, even going to neighboring areas and putting up additional posters in hopes that he might be found if he had traveled further than she had initially believed. Unfortunately, she didn’t have any luck with her efforts. It was as if the sweet little cat had just disappeared, almost as if he had never existed at all.

The Search Continues

In the six years since he disappeared back in 2015, Cooke had searched for her cat countless numbers of times. She says she had never even gotten close to finding any leads on what might have happened to him or where he went. Fortunately, all of that changed at a time when most people would have given up hope. Six years is a long time. Even dedicated pet owners would probably have convinced themselves that they would never see their beloved pet again after this much time had passed. However, Cooke was a different story. She says that she never gave up hope that she and Mini Max would one day be reunited, somehow. As it turns out, her instincts were right. One day, she received a phone call out of the blue from a veterinarian that wasn’t too far away from where she lived. Someone had brought in a stray cat and, as is standard practice, the veterinarian checked the cat to see if he was microchipped. He was, and the address went back to Cooke’s apartment. She had never moved or changed any of her contact information, so it was easy for them to find her. The veterinarian made a phone call and in short order, she was there to see for herself that it was indeed Mini Max. The day she had been hoping for, for six long years, had finally arrived.

A Reunion for the Ages

As you can imagine, anybody that has tirelessly looked for their pet for six years and then eventually been reunited with them is going to be over the moon, and Cooke definitely was. She says that she still has to sometimes pinch herself in order to be reminded that Mini Max is indeed back at her apartment and no longer lost. She also says that she sometimes has to force herself to relax, especially when he’s in the next room and she can’t immediately lay eyes on him. Fortunately, she doesn’t have to look high and low in order to find him any longer, but only to his favorite corner of the room. It’s important to note that during the time that Mini Max was gone, Cooke never stopped looking for him and she never lost hope, as previously mentioned. However, she is quick to point out that she was definitely heartbroken throughout the entire time that she and Mini Max were separated. The thing that makes her stand out is that she didn’t do what a lot of people unfortunately tend to do when they’re heartbroken. Sadly, some people just give up. Thankfully, she decided to take things in another direction and double down on her efforts to rescue as many cats as possible. Part of it was to serve as a distraction, she admits, but part of it was to rescue as many cats in need, all in honor of Mini Max. There is no doubt that she did exactly that, as she rescued literally hundreds of cats during the six years that he was missing. Will she continue her work rescuing unwanted cats even though Mini Max is now safely back with her? She says that having him back has only made her more determined than ever to save as many cats as she possibly can.

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