Cattyshack Cat Café Hits 500 cat Adoptions in Just Seven Months

Pet rescue shelters have suffered along with other businesses during the recent pandemic that is still in full swing throughout the world. Our hearts were warmed by s story that was recently released by News-Press in its online entertainment section. We learned about the Cattyshack Cat Cafe, which is a cat rescue organization that has helped hundreds of unwanted kitties find loving forever homes. You must hear their story to realize just how much these organizations do to ease the suffering of helpless animals. If you love cats, it will bring a smile to your face.

Saving Cats and kittens one at a time

The Cattyshack Cat Cafe focuses on rescuing cats and finding them good homes with loving pet parents. Recently, the group celebrated a very important milestone. They adopted out their 499 and 500th kitties not long ago. The milestone was reached in just 7 months of opening. When a mom came to the rescue to adopt a kitten and welcome it into their home, she was moved by two adorable kittens that were happily playing together at the rescue. When she saw how much the two female kittens enjoyed playing with one another, she knew there was a camaraderie and she couldn’t take just one. In the end, she adopted the two kittens and made room in her home for both of them.

More about Cattyshack

Cattyshack is located in the Southwest part of Florida. The organization is the first of its kind in Lee County and it opened a location at the Gulf Coast Town Center. The owners are Andrew Townsend and Amber Redfern. The couple acquired their cats from the Gulf Coast Humane Society and formed a partnership to place cats in good homes with eligible families. Cattyshack is a legitimate cafe that serves food and coffee. Customers are welcome to come and enjoy a meal or a beverage and watch the kitties play. Cattyshack changes a fee of $15 for its customers to spend 50 minutes enjoying their drinks in the room with the kitties and spend time hanging out with them. The money goes towards the care of the cats placed with Cattyshack. The response from the public has been overwhelming. To get a space in the cat room, you must now make reservations in advance because most days, the room is full of cat lovers. It’s the most densely populated on weekends and it’s resulted in over 500 cat adoptions. The partnering Humane Society refers to people looking for cats to Cattyshack, which has helped to boost its popularity.

How much does it cost to adopt Cattyshack kitten?

The fees for adopting a kitten or adult cat from Cattyshack ranges between $15 and $75. All adoption fees are forwarded to the humane society where the funds are used for the care and maintenance of the cats they take in. You are neither expected nor required to adopt a cat when going into the cat room. There isn’t anyone there who will pressure you. If you fall in love with a kitten, they’re happy to help you with the adoption process, however.

What’s the purpose of Cattyshack?

Cattyshack brings people in to enjoy a cup of coffee and spend quality time with the cats under their care. It exposes people to the habits and personalities of the cats and allows them to learn more about felines. For those who are considering adoption, but not sure about it yet, the time spent gives them an idea about what it might be like to become a pet parent. They get hands-on interaction time. The true mission of Cattyshack is to place cats in homes and to lessen the number of healthy cats being euthanized each year. It makes more room for kitties in need of food, shelter, and medical care while they await their forever homes. Volunteers help to make Cattyshack a success. These are people who have big hearts and who give of their time and love to help take care of these vulnerable creatures, and introduce them to people who at least have an interest in getting to know more about cats.

Cattyshack kitties are a good deal

The adoption fees that are charged by Cattyshack are much more reasonable when compared to the average price in pet shelters. According to the Cat Adoption Team, the average rates charged for adoption start at $15 and go all the way up to $200. Cats are less expensive when they are older. The kittens are the most expensive, often going between $100 to $200. Most rescues or shelters also provide spay or neuter services, vaccinations, a vet exam, and some even send the recommended cat food home in a sample size. This serves as a good reason to adopt from Cattyshack and similar animal rescue organizations. Another reason to consider cat adoption is that there are studies that show that petting a cat has a positive impact on physical and emotional health. It can help ease loneliness and even lower your blood pressure.

Final thoughts

Cattyshack offers us an interesting strategy for reaching out to the masses with the reasons why cats make such amazing pets. They have the potential to become beloved members of the family. While not everyone has the desire or ability to adopt a cat or kitten, millions would benefit from the unconditional love that these furry little creatures have to offer. We were moved when we heard about Cattyshack. Its unique approach to helping with the local humane society’s efforts to find homes for the thousands of abandoned cats is heartwarming. They’re filling the gap for hundreds of innocent animals. If you’re considering bringing a new kitten or an adult cat into your home, consider bypassing the kitten mills that offer them for sale, and check out Cattyshack or the humane society. By doing so, you can save money on the initial medical expenses. You are also doing your part to help make room for other cats that need shelter and care.

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