Woman Vows To Never Leave Her Cat Alone Again After Seeing Surveillance Camera

Only cat parents can tell you what it’s like to have cats for pets. For one, it’s not the same as having dogs. We all know that cats are very much different from their canine counterparts, but sometimes we wonder if they truly are. Much like any other pets, they have personalities. They have needs, and they form bonds—regardless if they seem like they do or not. Cats may seem aloof at times, but they form attachments to their humans too. They may not show their emotions outright, but this recent story about a cat left alone will remind us all that they feel emotions just as much.

Cat camera

Have you ever wondered what your cat does when you’re not home? Most people these days set up cameras in their homes for security purposes, but one cat owner tried to do see if she can keep an eye on her cat instead. American speech therapist and digital artist Alexa always felt bad about leaving her pet cat Glenn at home by itself. It’s something of a necessity given that Alexa works full time and she works regular office hours. As a cat parent, you’re always left wondering what your cat does all day and how it’s actually doing. Most cat parents assume that cats can handle long periods of solitude because of how independent they are. As with Alexa’s case, she always felt bad about leaving her pet Glenn. She decided to install cameras specifically to test how Glenn would be while she went to her parents’ party one day.

Alexa and Glenn

Some people claim that connections between a human and a pet happen in an instant. Some say that humans instinctively pick pets that have similar personalities to their own. Others say that it’s actually the pets that do the picking. Glenn came into Alexa’s life as a stray kitten. He actually showed up where Alexa works. Within minutes of their meeting, Glenn seemed already enamored with Alexa—and vice versa. The cat brushed against her legs, communicating that he favored her. Before she knew it, Alexa was on her way to bringing the kitten home. She realized that Glenn didn’t have a place to go home to. The rest was history. Although Alexa didn’t know much about the adorable gray kitten, it became clear to her shortly after taking Glenn home that the cat is intelligent and kind.

Cat cam result

The result of Alexa’s little camera experiment broke her heart. The cat owner didn’t realize how much pain her beloved Glenn went through every day she wasn’t around. Although there’s no exact way of knowing whether Glenn felt this way every single day, Alexa can only imagine that it’s probably close enough. The video showed Glenn very much forlorn and withdrawn, as Alexa was away for most of that day she spent at her parents’. As soon as Glenn saw Alexa’s car pulling in, the lonely cat jumped up and ran to the door in order to meet its owner. The cat let out a loud meow cry as it rasped desperately on the door. It was a heartbreaking display of deep longing and yearning, and Alexa definitely felt what her cat was feeling.

Alexa’s vow

The situation that day was difficult, and her daily routine is definitely difficult to adjust as well. However, Alexa could never imagine putting her pet Glenn under that kind of stress and loneliness ever again. In fact, Alexa vowed to never leave Glenn alone again. This isn’t the first time we’ve heard of cat parents doing something drastic for their pets. In fact, most pet owners would understand the reasons behind such a move.

Cat personality

Although most people see cats as distant and aloof creatures, they’re actually extremely loving and affectionate. Cats have a different way of showing and communicating their emotions. They communicate heavily through body language and talking as well. For example, when cats blink their eyes, they’re essentially giving you cat kisses. Cats tend to twine their tails around humans they love, and they also like to glide between your legs to let you know they love you. Cats like to do cheek rubs and head bunting to show their affections as well. When you analyze the way your cat talks, you can begin to understand when they tell you what they want, need, or looking to relay. Cat chirps, trills, and purrs normally convey endearment towards humans. And if you were lucky enough to be the recipient of any of these, you would definitely know it firsthand. Cats are also highly intelligent creatures. They probably know you as much as you know them. They know your routine and feel it when you’re going away or coming back home—much like how Glenn knew when Alexa came home. Being as intelligent as they are, cats understand when they’re truly alone and feel it deeply.


Alexa thought that Glenn’s lonely days should be over. While she can’t just quit work to stay with Glenn all day, she surely can find a suitable companion for Glenn. Although many cats don’t adjust well to unwanted company that would only take away their owners’ attention, Glenn might feel differently. Alexa thought that Glenn definitely needs a cat companion—another furry friend at home that will keep it company while Alexa is at work. Depending on Glenn’s temperament, another cat might be better. Although, there are some cat breeds that might do better with a dog companion or another kind of animal altogether. Alexa will have to figure out what will work for Glenn, and her newly installed cat camera should help with this next pet project.

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