What Causes Cat Sneezing Fits?

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Just like us humans cats sometimes sneeze.  Normally this isn’t an issue, but a sneezing fit can be something more serious.  There are many different types of conditions that can cause cat sneezing fits and today we are going to learn a little more about them.  Because your cat can’t tell you what’s wrong, you are going to have to look for these signs.

One of the main reasons why your cat may be sneezing is due to seasonal allergies.  Just like humans cats can sneeze if pollen happens to find its way in the nose.  This condition is not serious but if it continues then you may want to bring your cat into the Vet, to have them fully checked out.

Sometimes cats do the strangest things and getting something stuck up their nose is one of them.  Small insects such as gnats and other bugs can crawl up the nose and cause a blockage.  If the cat is unable to sneeze the object out, a Vet may need to be called in to remove it.

Another more serious issue is upper respiratory disease.  This serious condition often first shows up as sneezing, but then turns much worse.  If you cat has this condition only a Vet can treat them.  If left alone this could even be fatal to the cat.  So taking your pet to the Vet is a wise move.

Other things that can cause sneezing are tumors.  While most are not malignant, they will still have to be removed so that your cat can breathe normally.  But only a Vet can determine the seriousness of the tumor and will have to examine your pet.

Now that you know so of the things that can cause your cat to sneeze, you should look for these signs.  But if you are ever in doubt of your pet’s health, taking them to the Vet is the best option.  Every year thousands of cats face these issues and are brought in by their owners.  Most of the time the condition are easily treated, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

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