10 Ways Your Cat Contributes to Happiness


The good news, cat lovers, is that you actually have a medical reason to keep a cat in the house. For those still working on spouses and kids and roommates in an effort to get a kitten or cat, you really do have the medical profession on your side, and that’s something that you cannot deny is important. When it comes to cats you have a lot to present as far as arguments for getting one. For example, medical professionals have done numerous studies that prove cats can help to lower your risk of allergies, that they help you live longer, and that they can reduce your stress level significantly. Cats are good for your health. Sure, they can cause you to go a little crazy as they jump on counters and meow at 3 am, but they’re really sweet animals and they do a lot for you. One of the biggest benefits of having a cat is its ability to contribute to your overall level of happiness, which is something that we have to note is a nice side effect to being a cat owner.

They’re Therapeutic

Cats are great for therapy. Not many people are aware of the fact that cats are often used in therapy sessions for those living with Autism. They’re used to help people communicate more effectively and more adequately, which is so very helpful to those who struggle with communication.

They’re Motivational

Cats never give up. If they jump up on the counter and miss, they will fall down and then try again. If they miss 49 times in a row, they’ll keep jumping until they make it. If that’s not the most motivational thing you’ve ever encountered, I just don’t know what is. A cat will make you want to try, try again until you just make it happen.

They’re Cuddly

To just go ahead and point out the blindingly obvious, cats are so cute and cuddly. What on earth could contribute more adequately to happiness than something cute and cuddly? Exactly; and that’s why cats are about the cutest and most adorable things on the planet. Add in their sweet behavior and their pretty eyes and you shouldn’t be happier with anything else in life.

Petting is Good for Stress Levels

Medical professionals show that the slow, frequent and consistent movement associated with petting cats is good for your stress level. It can eliminate the hormones that cause bad stress and promote the good hormones that cause happiness. That’s a pretty impressive way of showing off happiness, if we do say so ourselves. Not to point out the obvious, of course.

They Keep You Active

Cats aren’t all about sitting around and doing nothing all day long, even if that’s exactly what people think they are good for. Cats do like to play, and that means they’re going to want to play with you. They’re going to want to get you involved in their playtime, even if that means doing nothing more than just throwing a toy back and forth across the living room for a few minutes while they chase it around. It’ll make you happy, and that’s what counts.

They Calm You Down

Cats are very calm animals by nature, and the sound of their purr is enough to make you feel calmer and more relaxed. People love this, even if they don’t realize that they’re benefitting from the sound of their cat’s purr. What’s kind of awesome about  these animals is that they make some sounds that are remarkably calming and yet we don’t even realize how beneficial they really are for our overall happiness.

They’re Good for People Who Suffer from Depression

Cats can’t cure depression, even though that would be incredibly nice for those who suffer from this debilitating disease. However, they can help with it, and that’s what matters. Symptoms, according to medical professionals, can be alleviated by the routine care that cats require from their owners. This encourages depressed people to get up and stick with a routine and a schedule, which can alleviate symptoms of depression.

They Don’t Judge

The good thing about cats is that they don’t judge you. They don’t look at you in your sweats and your messy hair and tell you that you should really think about a shower when you’re not feeling well. They don’t judge the fact that you checked your phone 89 times in the past half hour just to see if he finally called. They don’t judge you. They just love you unconditionally no matter how mean or moody you get, and no matter how much of a mess you make during the day. Cats are pretty awesome pets.

They Don’t Speak

The good news is that you can talk to your cat all day, every day, and it’s never going to talk back. Not only is it not going to talk back, it’s not going to judge. It will listen to you moan and whine and complain about all things in life, but it will never go so far as to make you feel that you are not being heard. All we need sometimes is someone to listen to us, someone to hear us. It’s really just it; we just need someone willing to listen, and that’s what our cats provide for us at all times.

They’re Funny

How often does your cat do something hilarious that makes you laugh a bit inappropriately? My cat does this all the time. Sometimes I feel significantly happier when I see my cat do something like walk into one of our glass doors. I’m not happy about his concussion, naturally, but I am happy that my glass doors are that clean. I’m also happy that I was just completely amused. Laughter is, as they say, the best medicine. It’s a pretty true story that we can all agree upon. And that, friends, is just one more example of how cats can contribute to our happiness and our overall quality of life.

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