10 Cat Breeds that Make Perfect Travel Companions


When you stop and think about the idea of traveling with a cat, you probably realize that travel and cats aren’t exactly words you hear together all that often. While dogs often travel with their humans, it’s far less likely to see a cat in an adorable little Louis Vuitton case being carried through the airport or to brunch at an adorable café. But sometimes people do travel with their cats. While it’s not as common as dogs, especially given the fact that cats aren’t all that well-known for their excellent travel skills, it does happen. That leads us to wonder; are all cats capable of being good travel companions? The truth is that anyone can make a cat a good companion as long as they expose their cats to travel at an early age and get them used to the process. However, there are some breeds that are far more likely to make better travel companions than others, and we have those breeds right here. If you don’t have a cat yet and you’re looking for one that will travel well, perhaps you should consider one of the cats in one of these families.


Many people who have had a cat like this say that it’s very much like a dog. Believe it or not, it’s actually true. This is a cat that wants to be involved in everything that you do, and many people even state that their Siamese cat is happy on a leash. This might make it a great travel companion for anyone who wants to go, go, go.


The Persian cat is one that has a big personality and a love of being petted. It’s very calm and relaxed, and it very much enjoys attention. This very adaptable cat is one that you will be able to remove from a carrier, sit in your lap and pet while you’re out and enjoying the day with your travel companion. It’s why so many people recommend this breed for their travel needs. They also travel well in carriers, which means you’ll experience less whining and meowing.


This cat looks kind of crazy, and we don’t say that to be mean. It looks like the type of cat that might be better off in the wild, but it’s quite domesticated. It’s actually the kind of cat that loves to sit in the car and be close to the people with whom it lives, and it makes a great travel cat. It’s far calmer than it looks and much less crazed than most people assume.

Scottish Fold

This is probably the most adorable cat on the planet, and it travels well. This sweet little cat does very well in new situations and it’s not afraid of change. It actually has a sweet temperament, it’s calm and it’s going to provide anyone with a great travel companion. In fact, Taylor Swift has two of these and they’re both on the road with her quite often. She has said on numerous occasions that the cats travel very well.


This is a cat that has a lovely coat as well as an easygoing personality. Aside from the fact that you’ll want to ensure it’s brushed regularly, this cat makes a wonderful travel companion. It’s very calm and adjusts well to new situations. It also has no issue being confined when travel calls for it, and its reputation is that it makes a great car rider.

Russian Blue

This breed is often mistaken as standoffish and aloof, but the breed is actually just more reserved than anything else. It prefers to spend time watching what’s going on and then acting on their desires. It’s a close cat; it likes to be near its people and it likes to be close to those it loves. It’s not an overly active cat, though it does enjoy a good play session. This breed travels well because it’s very reserved and likes to be close. It’s not going to want to explore a plane or bus since it’s not a huge fan of people it does not know.


While it’s a very active breed, it’s one that definitely has a great skill at adapting to new places. This is not the kind of cat you’re going to be able to remove from its carrier and play with in the car by any means since it’s so active. However, it’s going to enjoy travel more so than other breeds because of its ability to adapt to new places, spaces and faces. It’s a good breed to consider the next time you bring home a cat with which you want to travel.

Exotic Shorthair

They are very loving and affectionate, which makes them eager to please. Their desire to ensure that people are happy with them makes them likely travel companions. They’re happy to do what is expected of them, and they are happy to do what is necessary to make travel easier on you. And the more you travel with this breed, the better it will do on the road.


This cat is one that’s a bit larger than some. The male version of this breed can reach as many as 14 pounds, sometimes more if its owner feeds it a bit more than they should. What is beneficial about this breed, however, is that it’s known for being a calm and easy travel companion. Just make sure you keep this cat on a strictly healthy diet or you’re not going to want to cart it around while you travel since it does get so heavy.

Japanese Bobtail

There is a rumor that these cats make great travel companions particularly so when they are the calico type. The Japanese believe that this is a cat that symbolizes good luck, and that it’s the kind of cat that travels quite well. It does have a calm nature and a very adapting personality, which is what makes it a cat that works well on the road.

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