Despite an Odd Walk, Paralyzed Cat “Flopsy Wobbles” is Rebuilding her Life

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Adopting animals with special needs is one of the kindest actions a person can take. It is a truly transformative experience for everyone involved, and nearly always fills the home with more love than one could imagine. However, many animals with special needs are not adopted, which often leads to them being put down. This is terrible for many reasons, although what is most sad is the missed opportunity for a happy life.

Perhaps the best way to motivate people to adopt these animals is by highlighting cases of successful adoptions. Seeing how happy and full of life cats like Flopsy Wobbles (also known as Sakura) have become after being adopted is a great way to show people what they are missing by passing on animals with special needs. Even the most severe ailments can be overcome with proper care and attention, as evidenced by Flopsy Wobbles’ story.

She was adopted from a California rescue after she was found in dire straits in a gutter. Her difficult past left her with paralysis and grand mal seizures. Her condition was so severe that the rescue was forced to contemplate euthanasia. Luckily, a woman named Kendall Finch just happened to be looking to adopt a special needs cat at the time. Sadly, her previous cat had just passed away due to cancer. However, dealing with this cat’s needs showed Kendall the value of caring for animals even if they suffer from serious disabilities.

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Kendall adopted Flopsy Wobbles, and found her to be quite shy in her new environment. However, the cat soon emerged as a playful and loving member of the family. Her name is inspired by her unique and adorable way of walking, which involves flopping her butt down after several steps.

Naturally, adopting a cat like Flopsy requires careful consideration. Not only is her mobility compromised by her paralysis, but being prone to seizures means that the house must be kept calm and quiet. It took a while to adjust to the needs of the cat, but in time it simply became the norm.

Although these animals require some extra time and effort, they are not a burden. In fact, they contribute far more than they take. People who adopt animals with special needs often express how inspired they are by the courage and resilience of their pets. As well, they bring a great deal of love and togetherness to a home. For this reason, choosing not to adopt an animal simply because it has some health issues is a terrible mistake. Not only could this choice result in the animal being put down, but it is a missed opportunity to drastically improve one’s home.

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However, not everyone can adopt an animal like Flopsy. Some people simply do not have the time or money to address the specific needs that these animals have. That being said, everyone can help support these animals. Even cats like Flopsy require expensive medications and additional assistance like wheelchairs. Further, the more donations that rescues receive, the fewer animals will need to be put down. By contributing money and time to these organizations, a person is greatly helping the animals who have not yet been adopted. In the future, hopefully no home will have to miss out on the type of love, inspiration, and liveliness that Flopsy has brought into her new home.

Follow Flopsy Wobbles on Facebook and donate to her medical care via her YouCaring page.

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