Man Pleads Guilty to Brutally Killing Cat in Front of Kids

Recently, a 31 year old man named Giovanni Olivo was sentenced to 10 months in jail for killing a cat. The very idea that the Queens man could kill another living creature and get less than a year in jail is upsetting enough in its own rite. Unfortunately, this is just the tip of the iceberg. As it turns out, merely killing the poor cat would probably have been a blessing compared to what he actually did. It also gets worse. He did it right in front of his neighbors, including young children.

In September of 2016, he became angry with the cat he owned. As opposed to walking away like most cat owners would probably do, he decided to kill the poor animal in the most painful manner possible. He came at the cat with a knife, stabbing her several times. Somehow, she managed to survive the initial attack, so he decided to take things even further. Living on the third floor of his apartment building, he grabbed her, took her to the nearest open window, and through her out of it. She ended up landing on the pavement below, close to where several small children were playing outside as their parents watched.

Of course, everyone that witnessed the cat being thrown out the window was horrified. Sadly, before anybody could wrap their heads around what was going on and move toward the cat to render aid, the man that was responsible for throwing her out the window showed up to make sure she was beyond help. Surprisingly, she was still alive. Instead of allowing anyone to help her, he stomped on her repeatedly while screaming that she needed to hurry up and die over and over again. The cat finally succumbed to all of his abuse, but not before the whole thing was witnessed by practically everyone living in the apartment complex.

Just imagine what those poor kids that saw all this were going through, what they’re still going through. It isn’t exactly like this is something that they can just wipe out of their minds as if it never even happened at all. In all likelihood, they will need professional therapy just to get past the incident.

As it turns out, the guy didn’t even manage to learn his lesson from what he did. He was arrested and when the case was about to go to trial, he threatened at least one of the people that lived in the complex who was planning to testify against him. Apparently, he thought that he could scare people out of testifying and telling the truth about what he did that day. Fortunately, the people he spent so much time trying to intimidate didn’t allow his threats to stop them and they planned to testify against him anyway.

Perhaps one of the most disturbing things about the whole scenario is that the case never even made it to trial. If it had, he risked getting up to two years in prison for what he did. It seems that at some point, he finally realized that he was in deep trouble because he took a plea deal instead of allowing the case to go to trial. It’s unclear why a plea deal was even offered in the first place, but it was and he took it. As a result, he ended up getting only 10 months in jail as opposed to two years.

It’s hard to believe that someone can commit such an unspeakable crime and basically get away with it. It’s even more disturbing when you consider the fact that he did all of this in front of others. Threatening potential witnesses didn’t seem to matter, either. This guy basically got off easy for doing something that’s beyond horrible.

These are not the actions of someone who merely got angry and lost their temper. People that are angry don’t continue on the way he did. If he was willing to do something like this to an innocent animal, you have to wonder what he might be willing to do to another human being that says or does something to make him angry. Unfortunately, he will be out there roaming the streets before you know it, and many people fear that he just might make good on some of those threats against other tenants.

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