10 Great Cat Breeds For Toddlers


A lot of thought goes into choosing an animal to bring home in any instance. However, few people put as much thought and effort into choosing an animal as parents. Why? Because our children mean more to us than anyone in this world, and it is our natural instinct to want to protect them. We do what we can to ensure that our kids are safe in any instance we can control. We know that we cannot control every single situation that the world throws our way, but we can control the type of animal we have in our home.

While it’s more prevalent for families to take their time choosing a dog breed to bring home, many families do take the time to carefully choose the right cat breed for their family. Sure, many just head straight to the shelter and allow their kids to pick out the kitten they want, but others are more inclined to look into their cats and determine which ones are best for their family. After all, kittens and cats are animals and there is always a slight risk one takes when bringing an animal into a home that also has toddlers present. With that in mind, read on to find out which cat breeds are best for your small children – or which ones can handle themselves the best around small children; whichever applies most in your household.

Devon Rex

This is a cat with an abundance of energy, which makes it a tireless playmate and friend for a toddler with just as much energy to burn. This cat loves to be with kids and other people, but it is also a breed that is independent. That’s something you will not have to worry about if you are not home throughout the day since the cat will play just fine on its own. Just expect that it will be quite excited to see you at the end of the day – and it will want your child’s attention. Did we mention it has the biggest ears and eyes, and looks a little bit like an alien, which ups the cool factor for kids?


This is a very social cat. Do not expect this cat to look for a place to hide until your guests are gone; look for this cat to make conversation with anyone that enters the house. It’s a wonderful, friendly breed that loves kids and has such a great time with them. Additionally, people who do have this cat at home have been known to say that it’s the kind of animal that really stands out as protective, and is often compared to a watch dog.

American Shorthair

It’s calm, cute and it loves to have other people, animals and kids around. What is more perfect than a cat that’s predisposed to already loving the kids in your house? The only thing to keep in mind with this particular breed is that it needs to be groomed fairly regularly or else your house will become a virtual breeding ground for cat hair. So keep that in mind before you choose this breed if you haven’t the time to devote to proper grooming.

Maine Coon

This is a large cat; do not be fooled by how cute and tiny they are as kittens. It is one of the largest domestic cats in the world, and its size will shock anyone that encounters this cat unexpectedly. However, despite it’s large size, this is a friendly, compassionate, loving cat that loves to play, be with people and have a good time. This cat is known for being very friendly with kids and very playful, so everyone will find that this cat works well in their lifestyle. It’s sweet and lovely, and it’s the kind of cat that people often seek out when looking for therapy cats, which should say a lot about its personality.

Havana Brown

These cats are so beautiful; they have the most amazing coloring. This is a cat with a calm and very affectionate attitude, and it loves to be vocal. It’s also child-friendly and loves the attention that kids will provide to it with their natural need to play and have fun. This cat will jump right into enjoying time with kids, and it also has a thing for other animals, too.


These are the perfect cats for kids. They are slightly mischievous and fun, which means that they’re going to make the perfect companion for a curious and slightly mischievous child, too. Expect to find that your child and your Burmese bond instantly and become the best partners in crime of buds in an instant.


This breed is lovely. It has an excellent temperament that makes it very easy to handle, and that is something that people adore about the breed. They are very people-oriented, as well, which makes them great with kids. Their patience and their lack of aggressiveness make them wonderful pets to have around small kids that might sometimes not understand the meaning of gentle.


This gorgeous black cat is the perfect cat-dog for your family. It’s a cat that loves to play fetch, can be leash-trained and it is very playful by nature. It loves kids, and it’s kind of the dog of the cat world which might offer a bit of the best of both worlds to you and your family when it comes to finding a cat that you do love and enjoy. Good luck with this one, and enjoy having it around the house.

American Curl

The CFA’s spokesperson has said on numerous occasions that this breed is very people oriented and very friendly. The American Curl has these adorable little ears that curl forward, giving them a very distinct look. They are exceptionally adaptable and love children, other animals and most people. For this reason, they are gentle and kind, loving and affectionate and they are also very adept at keeping themselves out of harm’s way when an overly excited toddler comes running.

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