The Silver Tabby Cat: A Truly Beautiful and Intelligent Feline

Silver Tabby Cat

The Silver Tabby Cat isn’t a breed all of this own but part of a larger breed group called the American shorthair. This is probably the most common of all feline breeds in the United States. While these felines often standout from the rest due to their silver and black coat, their other traits are the same as the rest of the breed.  These are truly beautiful animals and if you have ever seen one roaming around they will definitely catch your eye.  A very majestic looking animal, the Silver Tabby Cat is a highly sought after color pattern.  This has led to many breeders specializing in these fine felines, and you can probably find them just about anywhere in the country.

When it comes to this cat breed you couldn’t ask for a more mellow animal.  These cats simply love to lie around the house and can be found napping in their favorite spot.  Playful but gentle, these animals make great family pets and get along with everyone even the family dog.  A common animal, you will find these felines in just about every part of the world.  One thing that many people love about these animals is there low maintenance.  A simple brushing a few times a week is all you will need to keep these felines looking great. These make great pets for people who are always on the go because they don’t mind spending some time alone.  While they still need affection, these animals are more independent than some of the other breeds out there.  So remember that they need their own space to breathe sometimes.

Many of you probably don’t think felines are capable of being trained but this breed is super intelligent.  Some breeds are very stubborn and have the tendency to rip up furniture and jump on the dinner table.  But these cats can be trained very quickly to learn what they can and can’t do. This is great for people who want an indoor pet without the hassle of having them destroy their nice furniture.  Also a great animal to own if you have small children because they have the natural ability to be very gentle around younger people.  So if you are looking for the perfect all around breed, you can’t go wrong with one of these animals.

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