Kitten Cruelly Glued to Busy Road Rescued by Good Samaritan

When you think about a 5-week old kitten, you imagine a tiny and helpless baby that makes you want to cuddle and love it and protect the baby from harm. In a shocking story, we recently learned that someone had taken a tiny tabby and placed it in the path of certain doom, then left it to die in a cruel manner. The plan was thwarted by a good Samaritan who came along just in the nick of time.

Chaos on the open road

A crazy and unusual scene unfolded on a busy traffic populated road near the Pacific Northwest town of Salem, Oregon. Chuck Hawley noticed that the cars in front of him were trying to avoid hitting something on the road by swerving. As he neared the area that caused the chaotic scene, he wondered what could make these drivers react so quickly and so strongly. To his amazement, when he neared the scene, he saw a tiny tabby kitten on the road. He quickly pulled his vehicle to a stop and got out to investigate further. As he inspected the scene it became apparent that somebody had glued the kitten to the road. He attempted to pick her up, but her feet would not come off the road. He described the substance as something of the consistency of rubber cement. Whoever had committed this disgusting act had also put the glue on her tail and neck. It became obvious that this was no accident and that a person had glued the kitten to the road on purpose.

Luck was on his side

The humane driver kept working with the kitten until he was able to free her feet and pull her from the road. He promptly took her away from the danger and took her to a nearby animal clinic for a medical examination. Had he not came along when he did, the kitten would have certainly not survived the ordeal. The veterinarian was required to remove the glue from the kitten with mineral oil. Afterward, she was given a complete check-up. The vet found several punctures on the kitten’s neck, but she could not determine what may have caused the injuries. The abandoned kitten was found to be in good health with the exception of the punctures.

It must have been fate

The tiny and helpless abandoned kitten had no mother and no owner. She was truly alone in the world. After going through the traumatic incident with her, the Samaritan, whose last name is Hawley, couldn’t bear to part with her. .He knew that it must have been fate that brought the two of them together. He adopted the kitten and appropriately named her “Sticky.”

A new family for all

Hawley was already the owner of an 8-pound chihuahua and a Great Pyrenees who weighs 115 pounds. The addition of the new family member made the former duo a trio of pets. Hawley and his family welcomed Sticky with open arms and she’s become somewhat a celebrity since that time. Her unusual story was just too good not to share with the world. She’s gained weight that is appropriate for her age and she’s thriving in her new home. She’s made the world news and it’s always nice to hear about a happy ending, especially with so much negativity in the world today.

It’s rare that we hear about such despicable acts of animal cruelty. When this type of news is shared it creates feelings of anger and sadness. At this point in time, it is unknown who the perpetrator of the crime is. Although this particular case has a sweet and happy ending, there are others that do not. This is a tragic story that just happens to have a heartwarming ending that we can all feel good about. Now that the kitten is safe and sound in her new home, Hawley isn’t going to drop the case. He shared that he plans to visit the Marion County Sheriff’s Office where he will file a report and do what he can to try to discover who committed this heinous act. It’s a punishable offense and the person who did it should be held accountable. For those of you who want to follow Sticky’s continuing story, her adopted pet mom has set up a Facebook page to keep everyone updated on the miracle kitten.

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