Pet Owner Shocked by Question from His Talking Cat

Talking animals are not something new. Well, not talking animals per se, but fictional talking animals. Over the years we have seen adaptations in films such as The Lion King, Garfield, Secret Life of Pets and the likes where animals possess human-like intelligence, wit and talk like people. Having seen such films, you’d expect that if your pet ever spoke you wouldn’t be surprised. Well, the case is different for one cat owner, Ike Tommy, who bore witness to his cat’s talking abilities and has remained shocked since then. The video of the talking cat surfaced on the video making and video sharing platform Tik Tok and quickly went viral on the internet with viewers being equally as shocked as Ike Tommy was. Tommy’s cat asked him in what appears to be English, a very simple question in the video.

What was the question one might ask? The cat sounds out a very simple “are you coming?” at the beginning of the video. Rushing to the room where the cat sits, Tommy shows viewers where the sound came from. The cat’s voice is eerily like that of a child. Tommy goes ahead to ask the cat to repeat what she said and the cat lets out a couple of meows. The video captured the attention of thousands of internet users who took to the comments section to express their shock and utter disbelief upon hearing the child-like sound made by the cat. Many users joked that this was proof that animals can indeed secretly talk. Others simply couldn’t believe that the cat had spoken while other cat owners gave their own experiences with one even saying that their cat didn’t like bath time and would protest by actually saying no. Another Tik Tok user added that cats actually do mimic human beings while we talk and they use it as a mechanism to talk to other cats and animals. According to the New York Post, the video has so far been viewed more than 2 million times on the platform.

Could This be Another Talking Cat?

This is however not the first time the internet gets to see a cat talking. Some years back, another cat broke the internet after it appeared to speak in a Southern accent saying hi. The cat’s owner recorded her cat making noises that sounded like ‘mom’ and ‘well, hi’. The video racked up a pleasant 1.4 million likes on Tik Tok and almost a half a million views on Instagram. One user even commented that Gambino, as the cat is called, sounded like Dolly Patton in the video and others gushed at how cute the Cheeto-dusted cat is. Tawny, as his owner is identified on Tik Tok, said that her cat is quite chatty and that she liked talking to her and her husband. She refers to Gambino as a super chill dude who enjoys hanging out and napping with his humans.

She added that he is also quite responsive to his name and when called he comes quickly. Tawny, speaking to ‘The Time’ said that Gambino is actually a great communicator and always lets his humans know what he is thinking and feeling. If he gets hungry he lets out a kind of bark and a really long meow when he is mad and is seemingly yelling at you. Additionally, Gambino Is said to enjoy running around the house and climbing on his cat shelf. Although the video received a great response from social media users, many people were worried about the pet collar that was on the cat’s neck. Tawny clarified on the matter and said that when she adopted the cat, it had been a stray hence the collar was not a shock collar, but a pet trace collar that Gambino mostly wears when they go for walks outdoors.

Cats and their Internet Presence

Images and videos of cats doing cute things or just being themselves, such as the grumpy cat, have graced the internet for quite some time now. Some even call cats the’ unofficial internet mascots’ because they make up some of the most viewed content over the internet today. Humans and cats have for a long time had a very close relationship and been the subject of films. Since the prominence of email in 1990, cute cats’ pictures have been shared. The first cat video was uploaded to YouTube in 2005 by the platform’s co-founder Steve Chen. As of 2015, YouTube alone had over 2 million cat videos uploaded. According to Wikipedia, cats make up the most searched keyword ever with CNN estimating that there is an average of 6.5 billion pictures of cats on the internet.

Cats and Human Psychology

A survey conducted found that participants were happier after watching cat videos. The researchers stated that the effect of cat videos can no longer be ignored. It is suggested that cat videos are usually a form of procrastination, as most of the videos watched are usually a way to pass time for people at work or those who are studying. Cat videos do not just entertain they boost positive emotions and viewer’s energy while decreasing any negative feelings. A study conducted in 2015 suggested that people were twice more likely to post cat videos or pictures than they would post selfies. Cats are usually considered as a canvas for human emotions. This is because they have the ability to express emotions as much as humans. They are additionally considered easier to make fun of and more humorous than dogs because dogs always look like they are just trying too hard. While there’s no denying that dogs are equally cute, most argue that humorous behavior from a dog is usually seen as a bid for validation, while it is effortless when it comes from a cat. This is because cats’ behaviors are cool and seemingly devoid of concern regarding your opinion, thereby making them artful in their humor and demeanor.

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