What is a Maneki Neko Cat?

There are lots of cultures that hold cats in high esteem as being very lucky creatures. The Japanese are one culture that are known for their feline, the Maneki Neko, cat in very high esteem for the sheer fact that it is believed that Maneki Neko will bring good fortune and wealth to its owner.

“Maneki,” is the Japanese word for beckoning, and “neko” simply means cat, in Japanese. The cat is a statue that many people have in their homes to help bring good luck to the owner and his household. You will also find the cat in businesses and companies, all hoping for the same thing. For the average passerby, there is a giant statue of the cat in town, where you can stop by and see him and ask for good fortune.

You can’t help but to recognize this cat because of his gesture. He is holding up one paw, either the left or the right, and sometimes both. The paw is always lifted straight up, with the palm down, which gives you the impression he is waving at you. He is considered to be very lucky, and the culture believes that if you are fortunate enough to own one and have one in your home or business, surely good luck and fortune will find you.

You can find this cat in just about any size imaginable, primarily because people want to be able to have and display their version in a number of different places and settings, so it has to fit an array of situations. Maneki Neko has become somewhat of a global phenomenon and its popularity is increasingly growing. A more common name for this feline is, the “money cat.” Other ways in which you can have this cat incorporated in your life is by finding one that’s been made into a piggy bank, a key chain, a piece of jewelry, in a picture, among many other versions.

If you are looking for some added luck and bigger fortune in your home, you may want to invest in a Maneki Neko cat yourself, being that this is considered one of the most effective lucky charms you can own today. If you are a believer in such a thing.

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