Frostbitten Cat Gets New Lease on Life Thanks to Titanium Paws

News from Russia has it that a cat regained the use of its limbs after losing them. While it may seem like regular news, it is an achievement in both the fields of veterinary and human medicine. Doctors worked extensively to ensure that the cat was back on its feet. From an animal picked from the wilderness when low to a a point of regaining coordination, it was a significant milestone. Another fact is that the surgical operation was the second to be successful after a previous attempt.

Background Of The Situation

According to Global News, the Russian cat known as Dymka, which means mist in Russian lost its legs after frostbite. The frostbite was so severe that it led to the loss of its four paws. Aside from the claws, it also resulted in damaged ears and a lost tail. A good Samaritan found it in Siberia, a country known for its icy conditions. The effect of snow is usually tough on body extremities, and the hypothermic conditions can cause gangrene. It seems the case was the same as Dymka, which got rescued around two years ago. Being found on the side of the road presented two situations; either someone left the feline intentionally or it escaped and found itself in the predicament. Whichever the case was, it was lucky to have someone spot it and take it to the right place for its care.

Available Options For The Cat

When its savior found it and took it to a vet in Novosibirsk among the best in the region, the vet had two options. It was either to euthanize it, or to have it live after a little medical condition. The vet happened to have a good heart and spared the life of the cat, having hopes that it will get back to its feet literally, according to The Moscow Times. The situation was the feline had limbs but they were dysfunctional. The only option at the time was amputation, as the legs would be problematic if left intact. The good thing is that another cat, Ryzhik underwent the same procedure, so it was a moment of replication.

Technology Coming To Play

Technology paid a crucial role in ensuring the cat gets back to using its limbs. The first procedure was getting rid of all the affected parts. The limbs, tail, and part of its ears were gotten rid of and set the pace for the next section, which was to get suitable prosthetics for its paws. The vet and his colleagues made a collaborative effort with top researchers from Tomsk Polytechnic University in Russia. The idea was to create prosthetics that would be compatible with the feline’s body and its entire system, minimizing chances of system incompatibility. Incompatibility results in the rejection of the chosen limbs by forming a resistance against it. The option was to go for titanium due to its correspondence to the body’s system and also its robust nature. The researchers from the university also opined the addition of a calcium layer on the metal for proper integration to the skeletal system. The solution at this juncture was halfway done. The remaining hurdle was designing the limbs to allow proper movement of the cat.

Banking On 3D Printing

With the plans of the limbs already on paper, the remaining part was getting them in solid form. Here is where technological advancements came into the picture courtesy of 3D printing. It is a new concept where you can come up with a variety of figures and shapes using a printer that produces figures in a three-dimension outlook. As shown in Live Science, CT scans of Dymka’s limb skeletal system went through analysis to get the clear picture of the implants. The prosthetics came through fine, and as earlier hinted, they covered them in a calcium phosphate coat. The coating aided in compatibility as well as minimizing the risk of infections after insertion. The feline got its first pair of prosthetics in its forepaws in July 2019, and by December the same year, it was already accustomed to walking on its new legs. The second pair came later on. As from videos on YouTube, the cat is now on its paws walking gracefully after almost two years of limited mobility.

Points To Note From Dymka’s Acquisition Of Titanium Paws

The case of the frostbitten cat gets a new lease on life thanks to titanium paws brings a lot of things to light. One of them is the technological advancements in the field of medicine, with the focus point being on veterinary medicine. With the successful replacement of Dymka’s limbs being the second, it shows that we are on the right path in this medical field. The procedures that involved intricate handling of various aspects, such as the inclusion of the calcium phosphate coat, demonstrate the level of improvement when sanitation comes to mind. There is also the embracement of the 3- dimension printing technology that aided the design of the limbs. Using this printing mode, the researcher came up with proper molds that would fit perfectly as paw replacements. In the larger medical field, it is a crucial area more so when looking at prosthetics.

Finally, there is the issue of pet care. While it may not necessarily point to negligence, the fact that the cat was in such an environment for long is alarming. The owner would easily be identified if he or she had a microchip put on the cat. The good thing is that the cat is now in safe hands.

Final Remarks

The news of the frostbitten cat gets a new lease on life thanks to titanium paws is one that was shocking imagining the pain it must have gone through. However, lady luck was on its side when it got rescued by someone with good intentions. Its case is a massive milestone in veterinary medicine, setting the path for such procedures in the future.

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