Rescue Pilot Flies 51 At-Risk Cats to New England Shelter

Some people have a heart so big that they’re willing to go to great lengths to make sure that the less fortunate are properly cared for. We recently heard about the heartwarming story of a rescue pilot that took the time to fly a group of cats to shelters so they could start new lives and find their new homes. People reported on a story about Michael Schneider, a pilot who is a part of the nonprofit group Pilots to the Rescue. This is one of the largest organizations of its type. Mr. Schneider founded the group back in 2015. The story that made headlines is the May 20th flight that safely carried 51 cats at-risk for euthanization to a shelter in New England that would facilitate placement of the adoptable pets with their new forever homes.

Carrying 51 felines aboard an aircraft was an act of humanity. The pilots band together to carry pets that are in danger of a death sentence at kill shelters to those that are no-kill, giving them a good chance of finding loving families and living out their lives. The organization is a nonprofit. Mr. Schneider is a serial entrepreneur who discovered a way to blend two of his passions in life into one successful and needed business. He is a pilot who conducts many of the rescue flights. The May 20th event began in New Jersey and ended up in North Carolina, on his route to pick up more passengers for the flight.

A group of heroes

In addition to the pilots who make the flights, volunteers from rescues help to make sure that unwanted cats and kittens are put in places where they are the most likely to be adopted. They work hard to save as many adoptable cats and kittens as possible. These helpless and vulnerable animals are embarking on a journey to make a fresh start in their lives. The new shelters offer a guarantee to care for the cats until new homes are found. The pilots working for Pilots to the Rescue are saving countless feline lives, and giving people the opportunity to find adoptable kittens and adult cats to become new members of their family that will bring joy and happiness into their lives.

Benefits of feline rescue groups

Feline rescue groups are doing a lot to help make quality housepets available to families who can offer suitable homes for them. When you consider all the lonely people who could benefit from a feline friend, these organizations are doing a lot to help them find pets that will give them unconditional love and a constant friend and companion. Felines offer multiple benefits that are worth considering if you have an interest in becoming a pet parent. According to Help Guide, cats are amazing creatures that offer many benefits for humans. Did you know that cat ownership can bring a special kind of companionship to lonely people? Cats also help to diminish stress and to improve cardiac health. These incredible animals require less maintenance than dogs and they’re usually less expensive.

They don’t require large spaces and they do not need to be taken out for daily walks. Cats are generally quiet animals that mind their own business much of the time. They can be extremely affectionate, however. It’s great that they’re independent versus needy and always wanting attention. Cats are good for repelling rodents in the home. They put off a scent that sends fear into the hearts of mice and rats. When a cat lives in the home, he usually hunts mice for sport, but the truth is that cats don’t necessarily need to kill rodents to make them leave a home. Another benefit of owning a cat is that they usually have a long life span when they are properly cared for and receive medical attention when needed. A healthy cat can live as long as 20 years.

Why adopt a cat from a pet shelter?

Now that you are aware of some of the benefits of owning a cat, where is the best place to find a new house pet? One of the better options is to go to your local animal shelter. According to Richell USA, animal shelters hold adoptable pets that have already gone through a medical screening process. By adopting from an animal rescue shelter, the small fees that you pay for these services, help them to continue to provide food and shelter for innocent animals that would otherwise be left to roam the streets without a home or anyone to care for them. Every cat that is adopted makes room for one more feline that requires help. Fewer feral cats roaming the streets helps to cut down on the large population of homeless cats that are out wandering the streets.

Final thoughts

The rescue pilot that flew 51 cats to a New England Shelter is a part of a group that is making a positive impact on the problem of unwanted/homeless cats and kittens. The Pilots to the Rescue organization is helping cats to make it to a shelter that will provide care for them until they find their new forever homes. These are all adoptable cats and kittens that are waiting for someone to give them a chance. There are also volunteers from the participating shelters that donate their time to the cause to help with the effort to relocate the cats and kittens from kill shelters to no-kill zones. The 51 cats on the flight represent a heroic effort to bring them to safety. Although this is a small number when you consider the overall need, this, and other organizations like it continue to do what they can to save as many cats and kittens as possible. There are a few ways that the rest of us can help out. We can choose to adopt from these shelters versus buying kittens from breeders. Those of us who cannot adopt a cat can make donations to help keep these shelters in business.

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