Ragdoll Cat Breed: What You Need To Know


The first thing anyone ever notices about the beautiful Ragdoll cat is its startling blue eyes. Bright, big and very bold, this lovely cat is one that has plenty of appeal to those who see it, and that might be the initial reason so many people feel that this cat is such a wonderful pet to have. Named Ragdoll because the breed is prone to going completely limp when picked up, it’s a family favorite for cat lovers. Something very unique and special about the Ragdoll is that it is a breed that is very much like a dog. This type of cat breed is very affectionate toward humans and loves to greet them at the door at the end of the day. It is one that loves to learn tricks and can be taught to fetch and play much like a dog might. Perhaps this is the reason that the Ragdoll is such a popular cat with families who want to have a pet that can primarily take care of itself while still making an effort to play and have fun like a dog.

Personality and Temperament

The Ragdoll is a very special cat in that it is not like other cats. We’ve already mentioned that this particular breed is very much like a dog in that it loves to play, fetch and learn new tricks. It is a cat that loves to be with you, follow you around and make the most of your time and attention. Ragdolls are darling cats that love to spend time with their owners, and for very good reason. They are very interested in their people and will greet humans at the door, follow them around the house and make a point to cuddle with them whenever possible. What’s unique about this is that most cats are seemingly uninterested in what humans have to offer unless it is a meal they can enjoy on their own. These cats are very happy to see the humans in their lives at the end of the day.

The Ragdoll is a very gentle breed, too. It seems to have an instinctual knowledge that some people need a great deal of gentleness and others do not. They seem to know that babies require a great deal of gentle behavior, small kids need it, too, and that some people love to be a little bit rougher and bolder. This is a breed that can be taught to come, to play and to behave like a dog. They can even walk on a leash when taught correctly. Something that many Ragdoll owners really appreciate is the fact that this is a breed that loves to spend time on the floor, and they do not jump much. Whereas so many cats like to get up as high as they can, this is not a cat you will find the need to get off the counter or anywhere else that it should not be.

Lifestyle and Expectation

The Ragdoll is not a cat breed that is overly large, but it’s also not one that’s too small. When it is full grown, it will range anywhere from 15 to 20 pounds and it usually doesn’t do that until it is around four. The reason is that this is a breed that is considered very slow to mature. It’s also a breed that has much larger males than females, so you will note that females tend to be the smaller adults when you do run into them anywhere.

Since the Ragdoll is a cat, it is one that does very well indoors. You might find that your cat likes to split his time between the indoors and the outdoors, but it doesn’t really matter what size home you have with a cat like this. This is an animal that does like to spend time inside, it does not need to go out to exercise, but it does love to play. Since you do not want  your cat to suffer from easily preventable health issues, it’s a good idea to ensure he or she only eats the recommended amount your veterinarian discusses with you.

Despite its long coat, the Ragdoll is a cat that does not shed too much. A weekly brushing might be a good idea to minimize the shedding that does occur with the cat throughout the house, but it’s not so much that it will make a huge difference in how your cat sheds. The reason that this breed does not shed so much is that it does not have an undercoat that is dense and prone to shedding. It is more a light and fluffy type of cat, and that tends to be what people appreciate so much about this particular breed. They come in a number of color patterns, too.

Breed History

The Ragdoll is a breed that has not been around all that long. It was developed in the 1960s, so it’s not even a century old. This breed is one that came from the very well-known city of Riverside in California. Ann Baker, a cat breeder, developed the cat breed herself. She made the decision to breed ac at by the name of Josephine, who was a white domestic she found in her neighborhood, with some of the other cats she also found running around. She was not a breeder at the time, but became one when she realized that she’d created a new breed that was very appealing to others.

She quickly realized that the cats she bred were very distinct, sweet and very lovable. This made her want to develop more of them, and she was quickly able to do so. She chose kittens that she’d bred already that had certain markings, colors and features and she continued to breed them until she had perfected the Ragdoll breed and made it her own. It is now one of the most popular breeds in the country, and that is why so many people love the Ragdoll. It’s become an American staple, and it’s also very popular throughout the rest of the world, too. It’s recognized as a breed and able to compete in shows, and there are very strict rules that apply to anyone looking to show their Ragdoll breed.

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