10 Things You Didn’t Know About The Russian Blue Cat

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Cats make wonderful pets. They are very loving and very affectionate. When a cat gets the attention that they crave, they will love your forever. Cats are also great pets for people who lead busy lives. Because they are so independent, you don’t need to feel bad about being away from them. They use the litter box so they don’t need to go outdoors to go to the bathroom. They clean themselves, so you don’t need to worry about bathing them or having them groomed. As long as you can be sure that your cat has food and water, you can even go away for a few days and your furry friend will be fine. If you are considering which type of cat to adopt, you should consider the Russian Blue cat. There are plenty of things about these cats that you may not know.

The Russian Blue Cat’s History

The exact origin of the Russian Blue cat is unknown, however, it is believed that they come from northern Russia, in the Archangel Isles. During the 1800’s, they were carried to Europe, mostly in Great Britain, by sailors. This is the reason that they are often known as Archangel Cats or Archangel Blues. After this breed made it to Europe, he made it to the rest of the world several years later.

The Russian Blue Cat Was Considered to Be a Good Omen

While black cats have always been considered bad luck, The Russian Blue cat was considered to be a good omen. In Russian Folklore, the Russian Blue cat is considered to be a good luck charm. There are stories of this car curing a Russian prince who was ill. He was also known to help the Tsars when they were ill. When newborns were born, this cat would put the cats in their chambers to keep them safe and ward off evil spirits. These cats have a good reputation going back to their heritage roots.

These Cats Are Unique

If you saw a Russian Blue cat, you wouldn’t be able to mistake it for any other cat. This breed actually has two coats of fur. The top coat is very soft and downy. The top coat can be a soft black, however, it is usually a shade of Blue with silver tips. Another feature that makes these cats so unique is his eyes. The eyes of a Russian Blue cat are usually a very vivid green or yellow. These cats are actually beautiful and they look quite amazing.

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A Natural and Healthy Breed

The Russian Blue cat is not the product of any cross breeding. It is a natural breed of cat, which is relatively rare in the cat world. This cat is also typically very healthy. There are specific breeds that have specific health issues. This is not the case with the Russian Blue. They have no specific, recurring health problems. This a very healthy breed of cat.

He is a Smart and Independent Cat

The Russian Blue cat is known for his intelligence and they can be trained very easily. You can even teach this breed to fetch the same way a dog would. When it comes to playing, the favorite toy of a Russian Blue is feather toys. While these cats love to play with their owners, they can also have fun alone. They can entertain themselves when their owners are not around.

The Russian Blue is a Royal Breed

While we don’t know much about the origin of the Russian Blue, is said to come from royalty. His plush blue coat and his vivid eyes made him quite appealing to the Russian Tsars. They often kept these animals as pets and treated them as if they were their own children.

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Russian Blues Like Routine

If you live a hectic life and you don’t have a regular routine, this cat would not enjoy living with you. He is a stickler for routine. He wants to be fed at the same time every day. He will sleep at the same time every day, and he even wants to play at the same time every day. If he is waiting to be fed in the morning, you better be prepared to get up because he won’t let you sleep through his feeding time.

He is Loyal Yet Shy

The Russia Blue will choose one family member to to be his favorite and he will be extremely loyal to this person. He will follow his chosen person from room to room and he might get upset if he doesn’t receive the affection that he desires. He will love the whole family, but he will choose one person to be just his. When it comes to strangers coming into the house, however, the Russian Blue will be very shy. He will likely run and hide when people come into the home that he doesn’t know. When he feels safe enough to come out, he will be at his favorite person’s side again.

He Has a Famous Cartoon Counterpart

Just about everyone in the world can say that they have seen the cartoon, Tom and Jerry, at least once. In the cartoon, Tom chases a mouse named Jerry around and the two are constantly battling. It it is believed that Tom is a Russian Blue, due to his blue color and his yellow and green eyes.

He is a Neat Freak

These cats are very neat. If his litter box is dirty, he will find somewhere else to go to the bathroom. It is important that you always keep it litter box clean if you don’t want to be cleaning up his messes all around the house. Because he has two coats of thick fur, he should be combed at least once a week. This will get rid of any dead hair and skin that can keep his coat from looking shiny and healthy.

If you are looking for a cat who looks beautiful and who is fiercely loyal to his family, you should consider adopting a Russian Blue cat.

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