Tonkinese Cats Are One of the Most Vocal of all Breeds


The Tonkinese is a common cat that has been in the western world for many years now.  But it wasn’t until 2001 that they were recognized as a standard breed.  For many years, these cats were considered a hybrid animal.  With hard work and determination by many breeders around the United States and Canada, these cats finally got the recognition it deserve. These animals are the result of crossing a Burmese and a Siamese.  Many of these cats are starting to popup all over the U.S. and many breeders are taking interest in producing these animals.

How Do They Act Around Children?  Do They Make Good Family Pets?

This is often the question when it comes to these animals.  Many people have the misconception that these cats have a problem with aggression due to their genetic background. But the fact is these animals are very loving and docile creatures. They love to be around their owners and the rest of the family.  While they are very loyal to the person, they also own them. But they will also show affection to other members of the family.  They are very social and so loving that it could actually be a problem.  If you leave these cats alone for long periods of time, they will become very lonely and even depressed.  So if you are going to own one, you better have enough time during your day to show them some attention.  Many of us have to work away from the home and are gone all day.  In order to keep your cat happy, a good idea is to have another pet such as a dog or another cat in the home.  This will occupy their time and give you more breathing room.

These Are Very Vocal Cats with a Distinct Meow

One of the things that make these cats so different from a lot of the other breeds is their vocalizations.  If you have ever heard one of these cats calling their owners, you will definitely take notice.  They seem to love to talk and when you speak to them they will often answer you.  But this loud meowing can be a problem when it happens in the middle of the night.  Many of these cat owners have been awakened from their sleep by these talkative cats.  If you have neighbors close by or you live in an apartment, you might want to consider this before getting one of these cats.

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