Sphynx Cats: Ten Reasons You Should Buy One

Despite the fact that the sphynx cat is one that seems to have been around forever, it’s really only been around since the 1960s. This cat is what cat breeders refer to as a selective breed of cat. It’s primary feature is its lack of a fur coat; they are primarily referred to as the hairless cat. However, these cats are not entirely hairless. They have a very fine layer of hair that’s very similar to down, which makes them very soft but they do appear to be bald cats. What’s unique about these cats is that they do have the markings of other cats. Even without fur, they do have dark spots, light spots or they can be all one solid color. These cats are always very warm to the touch because of their lack of coat and their frequent loss of body heat. They are easily very cold animals that need to be kept warm. Those who enjoy a cool house might want to invest in a cat sweater or blanket if they’re looking to adopt or purchase a “hairless” cat to keep at home.

They are Affectionate and Smart

Most of the time people don’t associate their cats with affection. So many cats are introverted and prefer to spend their time alone, only allowing their owners to pet them when they want to or when they are in the mood. However, the sphynx is not like that. This cat is a very affectionate animal that loves frequent attention and love from its owners. This is a cat that will go out of its way to ensure that someone is paying attention to it and that it’s getting the kind of love it deserves. It’s not one to pick a certain time of day for affection; it wants it all day long. Additionally, the sphynx is a very intelligent cat. It seems to understand direction and instruction more than other breeds of cat, which is something that cat owners prefer. It’s not to say that other cat breeds are unintelligent; it’s just to say that this particular breed is very intelligent and very friendly. It’s more likely to listen to you when you instruct it not to do something and then not do it again in the future.


They Don’t Shed

If there is any reason better than the other than you should get a sphynx cat, it’s simply that they do not shed. These cats are hairless, and that means you needn’t worry about cat hair all over everything in your home. You don’t have to worry about allergies to cat fur since they don’t have any. Sure, they might not be nearly as adorable as some of the other cats on the market, but that certainly does not mean they are any less wonderful than a cat with a ton of fur. In fact, you might like this car better than others because it doesn’t have fur. A cat without fur means several things; one thing is that you don’t have to break out the vacuum each night to clean up the fur your cat is shedding all over your house. the second is that you don’t have to worry if your cat decides to sit on the furniture or make his way across your bed when you’re not looking because he’s not shedding all over it. Believe it or not, there is a benefit to having a cat without any fur.

Allergies Don’t Happen as Often

One of the biggest misconceptions surrounding these cats is that they don’t have any hair. Technically, they don’t. What they do have, however, is a very fine layer of almost hair that many people describe as being very similar to chamois leather. So while they are still covered in a bit of hair, most of the time it’s not enough to trigger allergic reactions. Only those with the most severe cat allergies will notice allergies around these particular cats. Those with minor allergies more often than not do not experience any irritation or issues when around a Sphynx. If you’re a cat-lover with allergies to animals, this one might be a good compromise in terms of having a feline in the house that does not cause your allergies to work on overdrive. This is a great cat to have at home if you have a child that has other allergies and you want to see if he or she will do well with a pet. While it might not be a child’s first choice when it comes to an animal to call his or her own, it’s a great pet to have, regardless.

They’re Indoor Cats

Something you certainly don’t have to worry about with a Sphynx as a pet is it wanting to go outdoors. These cats, when exposed to a great deal of sunlight, are prone to developing skin cancer. For this reason, sphynx cats naturally prefer to stay indoors and in the shade. This is not a cat that’s going to sit in the window and wait for you to appear in the drive. This cat is going to want to hang out on the floor, under furniture or in its own bed. Additionally, the fact that this cat is primarily an indoor cat means that you needn’t worry so much about the cat getting dirty, bringing in dead animals from the yard, escaping or bringing home fleas. Though you don’t have to worry about this cat bringing home fleas, anyway, since you would see one in an instant and be able to stop fleas in their tracks before they have the opportunity to get good and comfortable on your cat, in your carpets and around your house.


No Fleas

The good news is that the sphynx cat doesn’t have fleas. It can have fleas, but most fleas aren’t too keen on making a home on a cat that leaves his presence completely visible. When people can see fleas, they get rid of them. When a cat has a flea and no hair for that flea to hide in, it’s easy to keep them under control. When you don’t have to worry about fleas, you also needn’t worry about many other issues that your cat could bring home. For one, sphynx cats are indoor cats. They’re not going outside where they can contract different diseases or creatures. What this means is that you don’t have to worry about many insect-borne illnesses with your sphynx. For example, ticks aren’t much of a problem when it comes to sphynx cats. If your cat somehow manages to get a tick, you’re going to notice it right away and have it removed. This cat has a lot of good features, but this is perhaps the best one. Worrying about animal-borne illness is a serious issue in many areas, but this indoor cat isn’t one to worry about.


They’re Eccentric

Most cats are not all that eccentric, they’re just judgmental-looking and pretty lazy or pretty playful. However, this cat is eccentric. Many people who own or have owned a sphynx in their life say that these cats are a bit dramatic, they are always cold and they make life very entertaining. One of the most eccentric things that cat owners say their sphynx will do is curl up beneath covers on the bed or a blanket on the couch. This is something they do because they get cold easily – so therefore, it’s not advisable to get one of these cats if you live in the far north and like the cold. They are also very friendly cats that love attention, but if they’re not in the mood they will treat you as if you don’t exist. Some sphynx owners say their cats act at some point as if they are offended. They might seem as if they are upset because you aren’t paying attention to them, so they will ignore you and make you suffer for their attention.


They Purr

They might not look cute and cuddly like some of the other cats you could purchase or adopt, but that’s completely irrelevant when you consider that these sweet felines still purr. Now you’re asking why this is even remotely important, and the answer is simple. Cats purr when they are happy and when they are content, and the sound of their purrs is enough to lower the stress and anxiety levels of their owners. Really, we mean that. There’s medical proof that anyone who owns a cat automatically begins to calm down when their cat begins to purr, and they begin to perk up when they’re not feeling very happy. Say that your kids color all over the couch – the new one – with permanent market. You’re going to become pretty angry, and for a very good reason. However, the second that your sphynx beings to purr around you, you will notice that your anger begins to dissipate and that you feel significantly less angry toward your kids. The only downfall to these cats is that while they’re perfectly capable of ensuring you have a good mood when you’re angry, they can’t clean up permanent marker.

Sphynx Kittens Look Like Gremlins

Remember the movie Gremlins? Of course you do. If you don’t, go rent it now (are there still video stores in the world?) and play it on your VHS player (do those still exist?). This movie is creepy, but the little gremlins are adorable. Actually, they are so disgustingly ugly that they’re adorable. The same goes for the hairless sphynx cat. The kittens are so ugly they’re adorable. They have hairless bodies, wrinkles everywhere and they have ears that look as if they are far too big for the cat’s body. It’s too cute not to fall in love with almost immediately. You’re going to fall madly in love with the sphynx kitten simply because it’s so homely. These kittens are ugly, but they’re so sweet you can’t help but love them. They have big personalities, wonderful temperaments and a way of making you want to spend time cuddling them even though they’re really not all that cute.


They’re Friendly

Yet another great aspect of the sphynx is that it’s a very friendly cat. This cat is one that loves attention and isn’t afraid to get it. This is not the kind of cat that’s going to hide when you have guests. It’s going to parade itself around for everyone to see (and react to). But it’s not just friendly with adults. Sphynx cats don’t have an issue with kids, either. They love kids. It might be because they have no hair, so therefore kids have nothing to grab onto and torture them with. Sphynx cats are also very friendly toward other animals. If you bring another animal into the house or bring this cat into a house with another animal, the sphynx will make friends with the other animal – and this does include dogs and puppies. They’re very friendly cats, which is a great plus considering so many cats aren’t overly friendly.

Sphynx Cats are Healthy

Now, there is no way to guarantee that a cat is 100 percent completely healthy. All cats, even those that are healthy, have the potential to get sick or develop disease. Some cats are more prone to disease than others, but the sphynx is overall a very healthy cat. They have few health issues that are seen often, and they’re not prone to many diseases. However, that doesn’t really mean anything. They have just as much a chance of developing health issues as any person or animal does, and it could happen. It’s not likely to happen; but it does. However, what you should be very wary of is a breeder that says he or she is looking to sell you a cat that is 100 percent healthy with no health issues. You should look for breeders who are selling cats that are healthy, but honest about the fact that their cats could develop health issues. Those who don’t are usually hiding something such as a genetic disorder or poor breeding practices.

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