Stowaway Cats Travels 750-mile trip in Neighbor’s Moving Truck

Animals, in one way or another, manage to break us all up in laughter at one time or another. Sometimes it’s a dog that tickles our funny bone, or maybe a pet parakeet strikes us in just the right way. At the same time, our pets can fascinate us, too; at other times, well, they can fill us with worry like we’ve never known. After all, those of us who are pet lovers will tell you that our pets are just like our kids.

All that aside, today we have yet another fur baby that has managed to amuse and entertain us, but not only with comedy. No, this cat catches our eye because of the how it ended up in a situation that none of us would hope for, but would all giggle at, if given the opportunity. This feline managed to not only bring a smile to peoples’ faces with her behavior, but to also cause her forever mom enough worry to last a lifetime. Just when you thought you should leave your cat at home during your trip to Disneyland you hear about something like this. Read on to learn about the curious travels of P-Puss the cat.

What Happens In Queensland…

P-Puss just happens to be the pet cat of Longreach, Queensland’s Georgia Whipp. According to Whipp, she had neighbors who were in the process of packing up a moving van and relocating on Friday, May 29. By the end of the evening the neighbors were gone, and about thirty minutes after their departure the woman noticed that P-Puss couldn’t be found. At first Whipp was patient, but when the feline failed to appear for her morning sustenance the woman grew concerned. That was when she found herself considering the possibility that her kitty friend may have found her way into the moving van before the neighbors headed for their new home.

Whipp went on to tell that it wasn’t uncommon for P-Puss to climb through the windows of parked cars when they were left open, so it wouldn’t be a surprise if the curious kitty had nosed its way into the neighbors’ moving van. It seems that the animal considered visiting these strange cars to be something of a game to satisfy its curiosity. Well, the trip to Brisbane likely did just that…in spades!

First Search, Then Find, Then Search Some More

The first thing Georgia did was contact the moving company that owned the van. They hadn’t heard anything about a traveling cat to that point, but later on that same day she received the call she had been waiting for: P-Puss had been found by the driver of the truck. It turned out that the stowaway was found in the back of the van while at a truck stop in Brisbane, which is around 750 miles from Longreach! Another telephone call, this time to the former neighbors of Whipp’s, told her that P-Puss was indeed in Brisbane, and was running around a bus depot. While it is unclear why the neighbors didn’t contact Whipp right away, she held onto hope that her wayward pet would be recovered soon anyway.

According to the Animal Rescue Site, a short time later a second telephone call came in from the moving company. According to the contact on the other end of the line, P-Puss had been put in a container for safe keeping and travels, but had managed to escape from said container! One can only wonder what the wandering purr machine was thinking all this time, but P-Puss was likely a bit afraid. So, once again, Georgia Whipp found herself wondering and worrying about her four-legged friend. Fortunately, the employees who were driving the truck didn’t give up. The next night those workers caught the naughty kitty once again after using a can of tuna fish to corner the cat and put a stop to the animal tripping motion detectors and setting off alarms. Did they finally have a firm grip on P-Puss at last?

There’s No Place Like Home

All’s well that ends well, however. The sneaky house cat was apprehended, alright, but now they had to figure out how to get the cat back home, which was a nine-and-a-half hour drive from Brisbane. Facebook was the best option, of course, and after seeking assistance on the social media site the kitty was returned home to her dedicated mom, thanks to all the animal lovers who heard about P-Puss’s situation. The journey home went something like this according to Loz Batley, who happens to be the president of an animal rescue organization in that area  Batley organized a rescue mission to bring P-Puss back home. A driver named Bron drove the cat from Rockhampton to Emerald. Georgia’s friend, Sam, picked P-Puss up in Emerald and took her back to Longreach.

All of the effort to get the cat home was done completely on a volunteer basis. No payments of any kind were made to any transportation company for the job. The article also went on to say that a lot of people volunteered their assistance in the situation, and because of this fact the little runaway was able to travel back home in a week’s time. Georgia, her owner, added that when P-Puss got home she was hustled safely inside, where she began serving out a term of indeterminate grounding.

With her time away from home under her belt we’re willing to bet that P-Puss is more than willing to cooperate with being ‘grounded’, and we know that her mother is glad to have her home safe and sound. In a day and age where it seems like everything you see from the media is tragic and painful, it’s wonderful to hear such a lighthearted, and happily ending, cat tale (tail?). We definitely all need something to smile about lately, so congratulations, Georgia and P-Puss. Next time, plan a vacation together.

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