Tabby Cat Personality: Why are All These Cat Similar In Nature?


While these animals are not a breed all of their own, they have different specific characteristics that they share.  Tabby Cat Personality is one of the traits that most of these animals share.  Many people will agree that these animals even if they are not a separate breed act very similar to each other.  They are often a mix of several different breeds but when it comes to color they often take on the same patterns.  This is probably why so many people mistake these animals as a separate breed.  But the truth is, any breed of animal can share this color scheme including some purebred animals.

Tabby Cat Personality and What to Expect

When it comes to temperament these felines seem to all have the same outlook on life.  A fun-loving animal, you will often see them playing for hours on end before tiring and taking a long nap on the windowsill.  From kitten to adulthood, this animal’s playful spirit will always be a part of who they are.

Friendly is an understatement when it comes to these animals, and they never seem to meet a stranger.  When someone comes in to your home they will often try to climb on their lap for a bit of affection.  A very intelligent animal, they often are seen trying to figure things out like how to open a door or how to get into their favorite treat container.  So giving them lots of enrichment to keep their minds busy is a good idea.

Laid-back, these felines are very friendly with other pets and you shouldn’t have a problem with them being even the slightest bit aggressive.  But they love to have fun so you will probably often see them playing with your other pets.  They have been known to make friends even with the family dog and treat them as if they too were a part of the family.

The Best Part is They Are Everywhere

If you are looking for a new pet, you won’t have to look long before you find one of these animals.  A wide variety of tabby cats can be found in shelters across the country.  So if you are looking for a happy go lucky animal with lots of love and affection, why not adopt one of these animals?  You won’t find a better companion to share your life with and they will bring you years of enjoyment.

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