The History and Evolution of the Garden State Cat Show

The Garden State Cat Club recently celebrated its 82nd annual exposition event that has become a yearly event that draws thousands in attendance. The Expo is a whirlwind of fun, games, education and people who come together to learn more about cats, support rescue organizations and take part in events that are all geared towards improving the well-being of felines everywhere.

The early years

A group of concerned cat lovers formed the Garden State Cat Club and held their first exposition in 1936. The purpose of the club was to provide a venue for cat lovers to gather and find ways to provide for the needs of felines who were at a disadvantage. For decades there have been people who observed the large numbers of homeless and feral cats with nobody to provide for their basic needs. Through the years, the group continued to hold fundraisers to sponsor animal rescue and research activities all aimed at improving the lives of cats.

The evolution of the Garden State Cat Show

The issues that first sparked interest in members of the Garden State Cat Club have grown exponentially with overcrowded cities and even rural communities filled with homeless cats. Kill shelters offered a solution that called for euthanizing cats with no owners to claim them. This was seen as an inhumane act by many members who believed there had to be better solutions. Humane Society holding facilities remained filled to overflowing with cats as well as dogs and the struggle to fund their care has been an ongoing issue for decades. There simple are not enough resources to tackle the problem effectively. As time passed, new rescue groups formed to offer additional shelters and resources for pulling homeless cats off the street, socializing those they could and offering them for adoption to loving families.

A change in social responsibility

Through organizations like the Garden State Cat Club, there has been a new awakening and awareness about our social responsibility to humanely deal with the hordes of homeless cats in need of care. As a nation, we’re responsible for allowing cats to breed prolifically when spay or neutering was a viable method of prevention. Heartless owners abandon pets in the streets of cities or at old farmhouses, shucking their responsibilities and reneging on the commitment that they made when they accepted responsibility for the pet in the first place.

A mighty fundraiser for a worthy cause

The Garden State Cat Shows and annual Exposition has grown into a major event that effectively raises funds each year in the tens of thousands to help animal rescue groups carry on in their mission to rescue and care for cats in need of help. The various shows that are held give proud owners the chance to show off their furry friends and attendees can learn something new about the feline world. At the annual exposition there are guest speakers, tons of vendors selling cat related products and educational resources for learning more about contemporary cat issues, their care and other interesting facts about these amazing felines.

A Bona Fide organization

The Garden State Cat Club maintains a transparency that allows all members and contributors to see how the funds collected are dispersed. They are a 501 Cc-3 registered not for profit organization. All proceeds from the Garden State Cat Shows and Expos go to provide much needed assistance for the organizations doing the hard work of rescuing homeless cats and seeing to their medical and other needs. Raising funds to help rescue efforts are only a part of the club’s mission. In addition to this, it brings like-minded people together to enjoy their common interests and work together to make the world a better place for cats.

New members are always welcome

The current dilemma regarding the feline population is everyone’s problem. We can do more to help when we band together than we can separately. New members are encouraged and welcome to join in the efforts as well as the enjoyment. How do you qualify for membership? This is the simple part. You don’t need to be a cat owner but you do need to appreciate them and have an interest in their well being. The club is for everyone.

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