Tucker Carlson Says Cat Cafes are Worse Than White Supremacy

Unless you’ve lived under a rock you would have to admit that white supremacy seems to be a problem in many corners of the world, especially in the United States. However, that doesn’t stop the subject from being hotly contested on all types of news programs, in newspapers and on social media. One of the more poignant examples of this includes Tucker Carlson’s claims that cat cafes are worse than white supremacists. That’s right, you read that correctly. He thinks that the people that go inside cat cafes in hipster villages are more dangerous to the prolonged health of the country than those who believe that the only people worth being around are white people.

Trying to Understand It All

If you’re like most people, you’re probably sitting there, scratching your head and wondering how on Earth someone could even jokingly make such a statement. The problem is, Carlson was not joking when he said this. In fact, he was quite serious. He went on to say that individuals who have done well for themselves and can afford to send their children to Harvard, especially black people, as well as those who have anything to do with any aspect of highbrow society, are the ones that should be feared the most. Of course, he didn’t say all of this in exact words, but he did say it. That in and of itself should be a genuine concern for anyone who cares about their country, civil rights and the way that other people are treated on a daily basis.

Why Would Anyone Make Such a Statement?

In most cases, one of the best things a person can do is be open-minded enough to allow someone else to have their opinions on things of importance, even if they don’t share those opinions. In this particular case, it’s absolutely baffling why anyone would think such a thing, much less why they would actually say it publicly on a morning news show. In Carlson’s case, the news came out in a segment from the Independent, in the United Kingdom. To this day, no one can really understand exactly what he was referring to. Apparently, he thinks that the very culture that created the possibilities for people of color to go to Ivy League schools is going to be the downfall of America. It sounds like the rantings of someone who is truly mad and as such, it’s virtually impossible to make any sense out of it at all.

Indications of a Bigger Problem

If this were something that only Carlson had said, it might be easier to simply write him off as being a few cards shy of a full deck and leave it at that. The problem is, this seems to be an attitude that is reverberated throughout certain parts of the globe, especially in the United States. It may have been the United Kingdom that was reporting on it, but the problem runs rampant in the US. For four years, the United States had a president that all flatly refused to denounce white supremacy, all while happily calling out anyone and everyone who had a difference of opinion from his own. This is not popular opinion, but an actual fact. After all, there is a reason that he was eventually banned from social media sites like Instagram and Facebook. The bigger problem is that when investigating the idea of white supremacy in the United States, it quickly becomes apparent that a number of people not only agree with both Carlson and Trump, but readily share those opinions with everyone that they come into contact with as well.

Why Does the Color of Your Skin Matter?

It’s almost impossible to fathom the idea that something like this can go on, especially in this day and age. As a society, we are supposed to be engaging in an age of acceptance, yet we still have a tendency to categorize people based on things like skin color, gender and sexuality. It is extremely unfortunate that society has not yet progressed to the point that it can see each individual for the person they are underneath all of that and realize that every person brings with them their own special strengths and talents.

If this is the landscape of modern day society, where are we as human beings supposed to go from here? It all comes down to refusing to accept things that feel wrong, even if everyone else is accepting them. Unfortunately, this is a moral dilemma that each person has to answer for themselves. It is a battle that will never truly be over, but that doesn’t mean that people can’t take steps to make their corner of the world better on a daily basis.

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