Two Cats Have Been Determined to Enter an Art Museum in Japan for Over 2 Years

If you have a cat, you know how curious they can be. In fact, the following example of these two cats in Japan are probably the most curious and determined cats in the world. For the last couple of years, two particular cats, an orange tabby and a black cat, have been trying and trying to enter a Japanese museum. But as of yet, they haven’t succeeded.

It all started when the museum decided to hold a cat exhibition in June of 2016. That’s when the black cat showed up. Soon afterward, the orange tabby made his appearance.

The Japanese Museum, called the Hiroshima Onomichi City Museum, started off by shooing the cats away from their automatic doors. It would be very easy for these kitties to slip in with a human visitor. However, the guard, who is very patient, continues to block their entrance as can be seen from the museum run Twitter page that records these kitties every move day in and day out.

The Kitties are so persistent that the guard actually has to pick them up sometimes and move them away from the entrance to the museum. He’s really nice about it though, and gives the kitties a pat on the head after he moves them out of the way. This guard must be a cat person!

Of course, there are many people who think the museum should let the cats inside. People following the Twitter feed have some funny things to say about this situation. One Twitter user said, “(You) need to put out the box the museum came in.” Another Twitter user wrote, “Start a Go-Fund Me account to buy them memberships.” Another wrote, “They should let them in to see where they want to hang out. Cats connect with the spiritual world”.

More and more people are sharing this adorable Twitter feed that is dedicated to showing the antics of these kitties day after day. One feed even shows the black kitty rolling onto his back and showing his belly to the guard. He must have been hoping for a belly rub before being shooed away yet again. The guard gently approaches the black cat as you can hear laughter in the background.

It is presumed the cats are strays. No one has come forward in the past to claim either one of these cats as their pet, even after the cats gained viral fame from their dedicated Twitter feed. Even though they are strays, the cats appear to be well-feed and healthy.

Or are they strays? The museum has actually named the cats, which gives the museum some form of ownership of them, despite not letting them inside the museum. The orange tabby is names Gosaku and the black cat is named Ken-Chan.

In fact, the cats are now such a big part of the museum’s identity that you can buy souvenirs and other cat-related merchandise in the museum lobby. What do you think the cats would think about the museum profiting off their silly antics? They just want to be let inside! That’s all! One of the things you can buy at the Hiroshima Onomichi City Museum’s gift shop is as tote bag with a picture of the guard trying to shoo away Ken-Chan, the black cat.

The guard at the museum actually spends much of his time shooing away the cats. What a job! And he is always wearing his pristine white gloves when he does it. These kitties have most likely come to love the guard who plays this fun game with them everyday. Is that what keeps them coming back? Is it this guard who may be the only person who gives these kitties attention?

Another question is why hasn’t anyone adopted these famous kitties? Maybe the kitties would run away just to get back to their beloved museum. Maybe it’s been impossible to catch one of them. Has anyone even tried?

Either way, it looks like these two kitties are here to stay in Japan and continue their mission – to enter the Hiroshima Onomichi City Museum at all costs! But what do they do when the museum is closed? We can only assume they take a cat nap until it opens the next day!

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