Why Aren’t There Any Cat Parks Out There?

Parks have been recreational spaces for people to enjoy for centuries. Adding areas specifically for children to play was an idea that soon caught on and remains popular today. Children can entertain themselves and enjoy the freedom of the outdoors while parents sit for a well-earned rest and watch their children having fun from a distance. The concept of park areas devoted to pet owners getting involved in an activity tougher is a newer concept that is part of a trend for providing pet-related experiences. One example of these is dog parks. Owners can meet with their dogs, enjoy a run, and allow their dogs to use any of the apparatus provided at the park. While dog parks have been relatively well received, you might have noticed that there don’t seem to be cat parks popping up all over the place and there are several good reasons for this.

Cat’s Do Their Own Thing

One aspect of a dog park that gives both dogs and their owners’ enjoyment is using the apparatus, such as jumping over hurdles or running through tunnels. The hope of getting your cat to engage in such activities is somewhere close to zero. An experienced cat owner knows only too well that cats do their own thing as and when they want to. They would not dream of even attempting to get their kitty to try out such activities.

Cats Are Solitary Creatures

Whereas dogs are generally sociable and enjoy meeting new people and other dogs, this is certainly not the case with cats. They prefer to spend time on their own and are quite territorial. If one cat marked the cat park as its territory, then it may deter other cats from visiting or may even cause a fight amongst the cats if one felt that another had invaded its space.

Cats Like Their Privacy

A direct comparison can be made between the toileting habits of cats and dogs. When you take a dog out for a walk, they are more than happy to do their business no matter who is watching. On the other hand, cats are much more like humans in the sense that they see fulfilling their toileting needs as something which should be done in private. Having to spend time in a cat park would be an uncomfortable situation for cats in more ways than one.

Cats Don’t Run Often

Dogs think that running is a great way to have fun. Regardless of whether they are chasing a rabbit or playing fetch with a ball or frisbee, most dogs think that running is a wonderful way to spend their time. Give them an open space and remove their lead and off they will go. Cats are the polar opposite of dogs in this way as they take no pleasure in running. If you observe a cat, the only times they will run are generally when their hunting instinct kicks in if they see something moving or when they need to run to defend their territory. It is certainly not something a cat would consider as a leisure activity. Cats much prefer to sleep, stretch out, and then relax again.

They Don’t Enjoy Exploring

Dogs love to run around exploring a new environment. They will bound around open spaces looking for exciting things to take delight in and finding spots to dig. Any novelty is a real treat for a dog and they usually find new things or situations thrilling. Cats are completely different in this sense because they hate new situations. Taking them to a cat park filled with new sights, unknown objects, and strange smells will fill them with fear and horror. Even simple changes in their home environment can freak out a cat, so such a radically new environment would be their worst nightmare.

When taking each of these points into consideration, it is clear why dog parks have been such a bit hit but nobody has taken the time to create a cat park. While parks are a great idea for dogs because of their likes and dislikes, it would make absolutely no sense to spend time and money on creating such a facility for cats as it is clearly not something they would enjoy.

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