Think Twice Before you Buy A Teacup Persian Cat

persian teacup kittens

When it comes to small cat breeds the Teacup Persian Cat is a very sought after animal.  While not a separate breed these animals are simply Persian cats that don’t grow very large in size. 

Many breeders who try to specialize in these animals have failed to do so because you simply don’t know how large the kittens are going to turn out. 

So if you want a Teacup Persian Cat of your very own try to avoid those types of breeders. Instead go to a reputable Persian cat breeder and ask for their smallest kitten.  Likely, they will tell you that there is a waiting list that you must join in order to preorder one of these animals.

Why Should You Avoid Specialized Breeders?

You might be asking yourself why it is a bad idea to go to a specialty breeder if they in fact have small animals.  While they may have some of the smallest kittens you have seen in your life, it doesn’t mean they are healthy animals. 

To obtain these tiny felines many breeders will interbreed their animals causing a genetic mutation.  This mutation is what makes these animals so small.  But this can have dire consequences when it comes to the health of the animal.

This practice of interbreeding is a very selfish act that many people take part in only because of the money they will get out of it.  Many of these breeders will pop up overnight and be gone after they sell a few litters of these kittens.  Not only will this be a heartbreaking experience, it will also end up costing you lots of money.

These Animals Can Have Serious Health Issues

When you interbreed an animal you have the potential to give it a poor DNA make up.  Many of the health related issues that are common among this breed will show up much more in these tiny animals. 

This will make these animals sicklier and more susceptible to diseases.  This will dramatically affect their lifespan and many of these felines will die prematurely.  If you are to own one of these animals you are probably going to have a lot of Vet bills. 

No one wants to watch their new pet pass away before their time. So it’s a wise decision to stay far away from the so called specialized breeders. Instead get yourself on a waiting list at a reputable breeder and before you know it, you will have a healthy but still smaller animal to call your own.

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