10 Cat Breeds That Require Little to No Maintenance


Cat owners are scientifically proven more intelligent than dog owners (it’s true). I like to think that the real reason we cat owners are so much more intelligent is the fact that we get the same kind of cuddling, love and affection from our cats (well, sometimes) as dog owners get from their pets, but we don’t have to walk anyone, take anyone to the park or really even do that much at all.

Dog owners spend months teaching their pets not to use the bathroom on the living room floor or dining room rug, we spend a second showing the cat where to find the litter box and that’s the end of our training. Sure, our cats aren’t as protective in that they’re not attacking anyone who comes calling with dastardly motives, and they’re not going to lick our faces and jump for joy when we walk through the door (my cat only perks up when I come home if he can smell chicken or he thinks there is cat food or treats somewhere in the depths of my bags for him).

But none of that matters since we get to have a pet that requires basically no maintenance at all. We are the smarter owners; we can go to happy hour after work without even the thought of declining that invitation because we worry the cat needs to go out before we can do anything else. That’s smart stuff right there. But even cats can be a little needy, and that’s why those of us who are so busy we don’t really have time for a needy animal should consider one of the breeds that requires even less maintenance than others. And yes, those breeds do exist. Read on to find out which cat breeds are the absolute needy and the most self-sufficient.

Russian Blue

Aside from being just lovely with that beautiful coat, this is a cat that is a bit standoffish. It takes some time for this breed to become familiar and comfortable with people. It’s not particularly social, it won’t follow you around when you are home, and it might not even interact with you for days at a time when you are home. This is simply a breed that prefers to be left alone.

Maine Coon

Big and beautiful, this is a cat that has plenty of affection for people, but it’s just as happy to be on its own. This particular breed is quite happy to sit by the window and watch as the world goes by, nap and basically spend some quality time with itself. It’s going to love having you around, but it’s not shedding any tears when you’re out and about. It’s also not so much a mischievous cat, either. This means you need not worry about it getting into trouble.


This is a very loyal and sweet breed, but it’s not a breed that’s overly clingy or annoying. It’s just fine on its own and it has plenty to do around the house to keep it entertained without causing you worry that it’s getting into any trouble. This darling cat all but cares for itself, which is what makes it the perfect low-maintenance cat for any busy family.


This breed is notorious for being happy to nap and entertain itself, and that’s a good thing for a busy cat owner. The only downfall associated with this particular breed is the fact that it does have a long and beautiful coat that requires plenty of attention. You’re going to want to make time to get this cat to the groomer on a regular basis or it will become a high-maintenance pet.

British Shorthair

This is a breed that does love its humans, but as long as it has some form of entertainment around the house, it’s fine without you. For this breed, we’d suggest you leave the blinds open so it has a great view of the neighborhood, and make sure it has a nice perch on which it can sit and keep watch. As long as it is entertained, it’s happy.

Norwegian Forest Cat

The NFC, as I like to refer to this particular breed, is another very low-maintenance cat. It’s big and it’s bold, but it’s a cat that is just fine on its own. As long as there is food, water and a clean litter box, this cat is good to go if you choose to go away for the weekend or stay out late after work one night. It’s not going to miss you too much.

Exotic Shorthair

Do yourself a favor and get yourself a female. While this breed is notoriously easy to care for in that they aren’t overly demanding of your attention, the females are more aloof than the males. They require very little from you other than the basic care, but they will let you know when they are in the mood for some attention from you. It’s just their way.

American Wirehair

This is a breed that doesn’t seem to care if it has people around or not. It does, however, love the companionship of other animals. This means you’ll find it quite exciting to have another cat or a dog in the house for this animal to play with since it won’t really care if you’re around or not at that point.

Scottish Fold

A playful little thing, the Scottish Fold is a darling cat. And it is also one that requires very little maintenance. It’s not a loud cat. It’s not particular attached to your hip when you are home, and it’s very happy to play and entertain itself. It’s a bit of a loner, but it certainly is an adorable one.

American Shorthair

This is a breed that’s pretty laid-back, comfortable and happy just to take a nap. While it does not require much in the way of grooming, either, it should have plenty of toys and that’s about all it needs to keep it happy. It will love on you when you are home, but it’s not the kind of cat that requires constant attention, and it’s not a high-energy breed.

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