Ragdoll Cats: One of The Most Adorable Cat Breeds


If you have ever seen a sign on the window of a pet shop that says Ragdoll Cat for Sale and you went inside to check it out, you probably already know just how adorable these cats are.  One look at a Ragdoll Cat or kitten and your heart will just melt.  One of cutest cat breeds around, the Ragdoll is highly sought after for the way they look. Not only will you see Ragdoll Cat for sale signs at your local pet shop, but you will also probably find ads posted in your local newspaper advertising these kittens for sale. There are a lot of people now breeding Ragdolls around the country and even around the world.  What gives this cat breed its name is how it acts just like a limp Ragdoll when picked up.

What is this breed’s temperament like?

While a lot of cats can be very playful, the Ragdoll is considered a very calm animal.  You will commonly find the Ragdoll lazily lying around the house minding their own business.  Not too many things seem to get these cats worked up making them the perfect pet for children.  But their lack of excitement is made up by their incredible sweetness.  The Ragdoll loves to give affection and will often give it even complete stranger love.

What are the physical characteristics of the Ragdoll?

Ragdolls are typically large framed cats.  They have a weight range of 8 to 20 pounds but can get much larger.  Male Ragdolls are often larger than the females by about 10 pounds. When it comes to coat color, Ragdolls can have up to 6 different color types including; cream, red, silver and several more. They also come in four different color patterns; pointed, mitted, bicolor and lynx.

What are the health related issues of the Ragdoll?

While the Ragdoll is a very healthy breed their life expectancy is much lower than most cat breeds.  In fact, many Ragdolls never reach 10 years in age.  This can be a bit disheartened to some so you should consider this before purchasing one of these animals.  One of the main causes of death for this cat breed is urinary and kidney issues.  So if you purchase one of these cats make sure to have them regularly checked for proper kidney function whenever you take them to the veterinarian.

The perfect pet for those who need a docile cat

You can’t get a more docile and laid back cat than a Ragdoll.  These adorable cats will add value to your life and if you have children they will love these very cute kitties.

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