Just How Similar are the Exotic Shorthair and Persian Cats?

exotic shorthair

The concept of owning the gorgeous Persian cat is nice, but who wants to deal with all that hair and all that shedding? At the end of the day, many people choose to forgo this gorgeous breed in favor of something with a little less hair and a little less maintenance. We don’t love the idea of having cat hair on everything we own, which is why we sadly do not bother with this beautiful breed. But what if we told you that you could have a cat so much like a Persian that you almost can’t tell the difference, and you won’t have to worry as much about the shedding issues?

The exotic shorthair is the cat we’re speaking about. It’s a Persian-like cat with a shorter coat, but the same beautiful features and many of the same personality traits. I know it sounds too good to be true, but this is probably the answer you are looking for. According to the CFA – Cat Fanciers Association – the exotic shorthair is very similar to a Persian as far as behavior and looks, and that’s why people prefer this cat instead of the longer hair version, the Persian. Read on to find out just how similar the exotic shorthair is to the Persian; you’ll be convinced in seconds. It is a great alternative for anyone who loves the look and personality of a Persian but is not inclined to want to deal with that coat.

No Tangling

While most people love the look and temperament of a Persian, they don’t love caring for that gorgeous coat. The hair is long. It requires a lot of attention and grooming. It tangles and mats very easily. It’s very warm and cats are often uncomfortable when the weather is hot. The exotic is just like this cat, except for the fact that it has short hair. This means you will never have to worry about detangling fur or making frequent trips to the vet or groomer for trims. The lack of tangling also helps with shedding, and that means your house is always going to be a bit cleaner and more enjoyable. People love the Persian, but they don’t love the maintenance required with a long coat like the Persians. That’s what makes this particular breed such a nice change. It looks just like the Persian with a short haircut, behaves like it and requires less than half the maintenance and grooming.

Easy Grooming

Unlike the Persian, this is a cat that doesn’t require near the amount of grooming. With a Persian, you’re looking at frequent trips to the groomer, lots of haircuts and a lot of matting. With the exotic, however, you’re looking at a cat that looks just like a Persian but with shorter hair. This means you’ll need to brush it only once a week or so just to minimize the shedding. The good news is that you will not have to have this cat at the groomer for frequent haircuts since it will not grow very long at all. Additionally, it’s not going to shed as much as a Persian, even though it is going to shed. It’s not a hypoallergenic animal, so you will have to consider any allergy issues before you bring this breed home.

It’s Quiet

Many breeds are loud and talkative, but the exotic shorthair is not. Much like the Persian, this cat is very quiet and does prefer that type of behavior. This is not a cat that is going to meow incessantly at you to feed it, play with it, notice it, or because it spies a bird on the back patio it just can’t get to through the doors and windows. This is a cat that will watch that bird like a hawk (haha) but it won’t utter a sound when it comes to it. Additionally, this is a breed that does love affection, but it purrs very quietly – most of them, anyway. There are some that purr just as loudly as any other breed, and that’s just fine with most cat owners. Purring is such a lovely sound that no one really minds it. Just know, however, that you won’t worry about this breed waking up a new baby.

They’re Affectionate

Persians are known for their affectionate nature, and exotic shorthairs are no different. They are very much like their ancestors in that they do love to cuddle and they do seek affection. This is one of the traits that make them a wonderful family pet. They love attention and they love people, and they’re not afraid of them. They will not hide when you have a gathering or guests in your home. However, they will not aggressively seek out attention either. This is a cat that will sit in the same room as others and wait for them to notice that they are there so that they can share in some of their love and affection. This cat will come to you, but only when it wants to. And that usually happens when this breed is tired and looking to head to bed with someone to cuddle.

They’re Self-Sufficient

Perhaps one of the best things about this breed is that it is very much like the Persian when it comes to this self-sufficiency. This is a cat that does, as mentioned above, adore affection from you. However, this is also a cat that does not require your constant attention. It’s the kind of animal that does love you and does want to cuddle with you, but it’s also just as happy to sit near you or even just in the same room as you so that you can enjoy one another’s company without actually being in one another’s way. This is a cat that will entertain itself so that you are not in a position to have to play with it all the time. Whether you play with it or not, this cat is done playing when it’s done playing and that is when it wants some time to itself.

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