The 10 Best Maine Coon Breeders in Arizona

Maine Coons have seen their fair share of ups and downs. Once upon a time, they were threatened by imported long-haired cats to such an extent that their continuing existence was at issue.

Fortunately, Maine Coons made a comeback, so much so they are now one of the most popular cat breeds on the planet. As a result, if you are interested in these cats, you should have no problem finding suitable Maine Coon breeders in Arizona and nearby states.

Here are ten of the best Maine Coon breeders in Arizona and its surroundings:

10. Zia Coons – Southern New Mexico

Arizona residents shouldn’t hesitate to consider Maine Coon breeders in other states, which might be more convenient for them depending on their exact circumstances. For instance, Zia Coons is a small cattery housed on a Southern New Mexico farm. Despite its size, it seems to have garnered a fair amount of goodwill, presumably a positive sign.

You can increase your options by considering non-Arizona-based Maine Coon breeders, thus increasing your chances of getting the perfect cat for yourself. The distance can make it more difficult for you to access these locations. The good thing is that you can mitigate that problem by checking out catteries in the neighboring state closest to where you live.

9. Advent Hill Cattery – Scottsdale, AZ

You should check out Advent Hill Cattery if you don’t have to have a Maine Coon. This is because it offers three cat breeds – the Maine Coon, the British Shorthair, and the Norwegian Forest cat. The Advent Hill Cattery seems to have an excellent reputation. It says it can ship to clients all around the world, which suggests it has clients all around the world. Moreover, the cattery claims to have received Certificates of Excellence from the CFA and the TICA at various points.

8. Game On Cats – San Tan Valley, AZ

Game On Cats also offers different kinds of cats. In its case, those would be the Maine Coon, the Persian, and the Exotic Shorthair. The cattery operates on the same principles as its counterparts on this list. Thanks to those, it works hard to produce impressive-looking cats while striving to make them healthy and well-socialized.

7. PitAraCoon Cattery – Buckeye, AZ

PitAraCoon Cattery specializes in Maine Coons belonging to European bloodlines. Moreover, it offers polydactyls, meaning cats with a higher-than-normal number of toes. For those unfamiliar, normal cats have 18 toes because they have five toes on each forepaw but four on each hind paw.

However, polydactyls can have more than two dozen toes at the higher end. This isn’t a new phenomenon. Polydactyls have been around long enough that they were a popular choice for ship’s cats back when that was still necessary. Nowadays, they remain liked by a wide range of people, particularly since they stand out in a way that doesn’t seem to cause any special issues for them.

6. Rasputin’s Pride – Phoenix, AZ

Rasputin’s Pride is a small Phoenix-based cattery registered with the CFA. Its website says it saw a change of ownership in October 2022, so it is unclear how things will turn out in the long run.

Still, the previous owner’s family says they are committed to keeping everything running as before. That means raising happy, healthy Maine Coon kittens in a home environment while feeding them a well-balanced mix of raw and freeze-dried food.

5. Mistyc Coons – Wittmann, AZ

The people behind Mistyc Coons started breeding these cats in 2017 after becoming enamored by their Maine Coon kitten. Since then, they have registered their operations with CFA and then TICA.

This cattery goes to extra lengths to ensure its cats are well-prepared for their future. Testing and screening reduce their chances of having serious medical issues. Similarly, they are taught to use cat boxes and cat trees, thus saving their future owners potential frustration in the process.

4. Suncoon Maine Coons – Phoenix, AZ

Interested individuals can find Suncoon Maine Coons in the Northern Foothills neighborhood of Phoenix. As such, it should be a convenient choice for anyone living in the Valley of the Sun.

In any case, Suncoon Maine Coons is an excellent example of small catteries started by husband-and-wife teams interested in cat shows and related activities. They tend to build solid reputations for themselves through years of continuous involvement. This cattery is no exception to this rule.

3. ObsidianFire Maine Coons – Tucson, AZ

Speaking of which, ObsidianFire Maine Coons is another husband-and-wife-run cattery, though the website suggests that the wife is more involved in its operations. The cattery specializes in cats from European bloodlines that have given rise to champions.

As a result, ObsidianFire Maine Coons is a good choice for people interested in both of these things. Of course, the cattery isn’t as well-regarded as it is without reason. Its cats have been health tested. Moreover, they are raised underfoot, thus making them better socialized.

2. LegendTales Maine Coons – Gilbert, AZ

Originally, the people behind LegendTales Maine Coons showed Pixie-Bobs in the late 1980s. Later, they decided they preferred cats with more color, which is why they switched over to Maine Coons. Presently, LegendTales Maine Coons is a small, home-based cattery with a great deal of cat expertise and experience.

The kittens are raised along with a dog, a bird, and children, thus making them more comfortable with similar presences in their future homes. On top of this, this cattery tests its parent cats for known issues in the Maine Coon breed to reduce the chances of those problems showing up.

1. Pimacoon – Tucson, AZ

Pimacoon is a CFA and TICA-registered cattery based in Tucson. Its cats live in a home environment, which should make it easier for them to adjust to their future households.

Besides this, the cattery encourages interested individuals to ask questions about its operations. It would be best if you always did this because you want to be able to make a fully-informed decision. Still, that kind of confidence suggests good things about its operations.

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