20 Amazing Photos of Kittens Yawning


Being a kitten is a lot of hard and very tiring work. Just look at these adorable little ones, each so tired after a long day of just being cute. People say all the time that it’s not easy being beautiful, and they are absolutely not even kidding. It’s not easy being beautiful, and these sweet kitties will tell you all day long that they are so tired after a long day of cuteness. In fact, they’re probably right. We’ve been staring at their pictures for a while now, and we cannot decide which one is the cutest tired kitty, but we can tell you that some of them have some hilarious expressions when they’re in the midst of a yawn.

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yawn or vomit

The Cutest Tongue Ever 

There is a not-so-small chance that this is the most adorable cat that every lived. With just a tongue, this cat is essentially telling the world that life is just to exhausting and too tiring, and also can he have a cookie? And also, can I have a cookie? It’s really hard to look at all these cute kittens and cats to write this and not want something like a cookie. Or this kitten.

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being polite is nice

So Polite

Even in slumber this adorable kitten has to use her best manners, and it seems her siblings are totally and completely okay with that. Mom seems to be awfully proud that her little one is covering her mouth when she yawns. I have kids that are like a million times this cat’s age that don’t even do that.

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what is happening here

I’m Scared

Help me! I’m not sure whether or not my friend here is trying to eat me while he sleeps or if he’s just having a really scary dream and he’s trying to scream! Or maybe he’s just really tired and this is a wide-awake yawn? I’m not certain, but I definitely think that he wants to eat something. You don’t think he wants to eat me, right? No, he’s definitely just tired. Right. Tired.

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couple of cuties

I Might Eat My Friend

Definitely, if I wasn’t so tired right now, I might just take a bite just to see how he’d taste. I wonder if he can tell by my yawn that I’m considering this? Also, I’m wondering why he looks so fluffy but feels so boney and hard? I thought kittens were supposed to be cuddly and warm and soft? This guy is just none of the above, and I’m feeling a little let down about it.

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screaming laugh

I’m King of the World 

Hear me roar! I am the king of the world when it comes to the cats and they all need to hear me! Forget Simba or whatever that lion’s name is; I’m so much cuter and look at this fierce yawn. If I can make a yawn look this powerful, imagine what I could do if I really tried to make myself look fierce and scary. Oh, I could totally run this house.

Photo by Freedom Foundry 

get him off of me

He’s Not Loving It 

Someone get this cat off of me. He’s heavy and I’m the cute one, so why must I endure this kind of behavior and nonsense? Hello? Hello? Anyone? Why is this cat still on top of me? Get him off of me! Okay, I’m getting the sense that no one is going to get up and help, so can we find a home for this lazy cat so he’ll get off my back? He’s always on my back about something.

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mine mine mine

Mine, Mine, Mine 

 I’m tired and a little bit crazy right now. I need sleep. I’m so tired I’m delirious. I’ve been up since Christmas. These people kept taking all the decorations down and I just knew that this one was next and I couldn’t let them. I’ve been sitting here like this since Christmas. I need a nap, but I can’t leave my friend or they will take him. Don’t let them take him. I need a nap.

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half laugh half yawn

Maybe They’ll Find me Intimidating

If I yawn really big like this, maybe they will think that I’m big and strong and masculine and that I can overtake them. Or maybe they will just think that I’m really cute and then they’ll pick me up and put me on their lap and let me take a nap. But they can’t  move. If they move, I will go all kinds of big cat crazy on them and make them regret their decisions for the rest of their lives. After my nap, of course.

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i'm scared

I’m Scared

Is it just me or does this cat look a bit like a vampire? Here he is just lying on top of me all pale and pasty and with those pointy fangs and all that paleness. I’m sure he’s a vampire, and not the good kind like those ones on that movie with the shiny kid who glows in the sunlight and that brunette who always makes the same facial expression. Come on, rescue me from Catracula, please?

Photo by Imgur 


Party Time 

After I nap. I’m too tired to party right now, but once I’ve had a good three or four hour nap, it is on like Donkey Kong, seriously. I mean, look how party ready I will be after my nap! I’m so excited that I’m going to have a a party with cat nip and people, but I really do need you to get the camera out of my face now so I can close my eyes and rest a bit. It’s really hard being this cute. Obviously, you wouldn’t know anything about that, human.

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i'm a puppy, right

Could I be any Cuter? 

No. The answer is no. I could not be any cuter, and that is why they picked me to live here and not any of the other kittens. I know I’m cute, and I will use that to my advantage for the absolute rest of my life because these humans cannot resist the cute that is me. They. Cannot. Resist. Me. Look, all i have to do is stick out my tongue and yawn a little bit and they’re hooked. That’s how cute I am. Sorry about your face, though.

Photo by Imgur 

i can't handle it

Not Amused

I will say this one more time; I am not amused by your antics. I am not amused that you will wake me up from a perfectly good nap to get me to smile for a photo so you can put it on Facebook and act all like you have the cutest cat around. You do have the cutest cat around, but the next time you better wait until I’m finished with my own nap before you start taking photos. I mean it. I’m tired of this. Get it? Tired.

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cute kitten

Silly Faces

I do enjoy a humorous face every so often when I yawn. I did not, however, realize that there was a camera in my face or I would have certainly made an effort to make this more attractive and less goofy. Oh, who are you to judge? We all do it. We all have ugly yawn face and pretty yawn face. But when you’re this cute and the press is always around snapping photos, sometimes your exhaustion gets the best of you. Go away.

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Wake me up on Monday, Please

I’m tired. I’ve been up since 10, I attacked a half dozen hair ties, ate half the dog’s food, snuck some of your fresh bacon off the counter when you were not looking and it’s almost 11. You have no idea what my day has been like, so I’d like you to wake me up on Monday. But not before noon, and not with any loud noises, okay? Thanks. You’re the best. Get the light on your way out, please?

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Please Don’t Make me Go 

Can’t I just stay home and not go all kitten today? I just want to stay right here and take a little nap. Maybe try again tomorrow? Or better yet, try again the day after that. It would really work out a lot better for me if you did it that way, okay? Thanks so much for your cooperation and your understanding. It does mean so much to me, okay? Great!

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Please Don’t Make me Get Up 

I just want to sleep and sleep and sleep some more and then wake up a few days from now. Maybe Wednesday. No, let’s make it Friday. I want to be a party animal all weekend. Get it? Animal? Because I’m the cutest kitten you know. And let’s not forget this sweet yawning face. It’s so cute that you’re not going to be able to feel anger and resentment toward me when I wake you up with excitement in the middle of the night tonight as I knock all loose items off of all available tall spaces while you try to sleep soundly.

Photo by Tumblr


Just 5 More Minutes

Don’t judge me for asking for more time, people. You darn well know that I see you hit that snooze button about 5 times every morning, which means you’re sleeping almost an additional hour. Don’t even look at me like that for asking for more time. I heard you talking about stone and glass houses and judgment, and I know what you look like when you wake up in the morning, do don’t even go there. You wish you were this cute when you were waking up. But you are not. Ever.

Photo by Imgur


I’m Tired and I Hate You 

Listen, if I didn’t feel like I was about to pass out fast asleep in about a half second, I’d be downright irritated and annoyed with you. I mean, downright irritated and annoyed. I know you don’t think that I’m about to get out of this bed so that you can get in, so march yourself right on over to the other side and leave me alone. I’m not moving, and we both know you’re not really going to lie on top of me. Let’s just get the awkwardness out of the way here; go find some other place to lie down.

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Sleep, Catnip, Sleep, Catnip, FOOD!

So many decisions! What do I do?! Do I sleep? Do I eat the food? What do I do? Why is no one trying to help find an answer? I’m so tired, I really am. But I really think that I had a bit too much catnip to really fall asleep. But then again, I’m really hungry. Is this what the munchies feel like? Did I accidentally have something that I shouldn’t have had? I’m acting like the kids after a sugar binge. Is this normal? Should I nap now?

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I’m Tired but How You Doin’?

I watch a lot of Friends on Netflix, and that Joey. Boy is he something. He can get whatever girl he wants no matter how he behaves, so I’m going to try for a bit of that. How can you resist this face? Look at me all tired and stuff, but still able to wink. Or maybe this is my wink face and it just feels like I am yawning. Whatever. Who even cares that much? All I’m saying is that I’m cute, and you know that you want me. Take me home with you. You won’t regret it. I’ll live there forever and we’ll be happily ever after from this point forward.

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