20 Hilarious Stretches That Kittens Do


Cats are some of the sweetest and most adorable creatures around, and that’s why so many people have them. They’re cuddly and soft, they’re loving and friendly and they’re always doing something hilarious to keep you entertained. These cats, however, are sincerely hilarious in all their stretching glory. There’s a good chance that few things in life are actually as adorable as these animals as they stretch their way through life. With all those naps and all that waking up they have to do, it’s no wonder they’re not in perpetual stretch mode.

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paws out

One Paw Out

Talk to the hand. No, seriously, talk to the hand. Try talking to me before my nap and I’m going to get in my litter box and then walk over all your kitchen counters when you’re not looking after you wash them off before dinner. Payback, karma; whatever you want to call it.

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Am i a black cat

The Black Cat that Isn’t

I wonder if I look at all like those crazy creepy black cats on Halloween when they’re all angry and scared and making people turn and run the other way? If I do, this could change my life.

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I need something

The I Need Something in my Sleep Stretch

There, there. Your day was terrible, blah blah blah. Do me a favor and come a little closer to I can pat your hand and make you feel better about your dead end job and boring personality before I fall asleep.

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I Like Yoga, Don’t Hate

I don’t give you a hard time when you are doing those stupid human moves, so kindly move your human behind out of my way and let me get back to business or I’m going to walk in front of you. I swear I will.

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all stretched Out

All Stretched Out

Yeah, nope. That dumb dog is not lying next to me at bedtime. I took care of that with my wily ways.

Photo by Weirdomatic

too much partying

The Party Animal

This little cat went a bit crazy with the cat nip and now he’s all passed out and paying the price. Hope he doesn’t wake up with a killer headache, but we’re certain he’ll wake up with a back ache after sleeping in this position.

Photo by DesignSwan

I just can't

I Just Can’t

Life. It’s too much. I just can’t. How am I possibly supposed to make a decision between sleeping and playing with my new toys? It’s so hard I think I’ll just stretch it out right here.

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because i can

Because I Can

Yeah, you don’t see these two complaining, do you? That’s because I own them. I freaking own them.

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the C

The C

Okay, so…yoga is definitely over rated. Can someone help me? I think I pulled a muscle.

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you'll never stretch like me

You’ll Never Stretch like Me

I’m so cute. I’ll do a little stretch and be even cuter so that they’re not mad about that chicken they left on the counter that I ate when they were outside.

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the ymca

It’s Fun to Play at the YMCA

Play, stay; whatever. I want to play, but not right now. Right now I want to stay; right here in this position for a nap. Go away.

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The long stretch

The Longest Yard

I’m tired and you’re making me sleep in the yard. This is crap. What kind of owners are you? On second thought, I’ll intimidate you with my open mouth so you’ll go away and just let me nap.

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bottoms up

Bottoms Up

Do I look at all like Kim Kardashian? When I stand like this, there’s a little resemblance? Right?

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the neck breaker

The Neck Breaker

It was a lot of work trying to fit into that box for nothing. But I’m too tired to find a comfortable position, so this is nap time. Get over it.

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i need my coffee

I Need my Coffee

Please. Please. Please. Coffee. I’m so tired.

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kittens are cute

The Kitten Stretch

See my adorableness in all its glory? That’s right. I own you and you don’t even know it.

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passed out

Passed Out

Sometimes you just overdo it and you need a nap. Who has time to find a bed when there is this thing on a grate?

Photo by DesignSwan

the don't look at me

Don’t Look at Me

If I could kill you with my eyes, you wouldn’t be standing here right now. I would have killed you months ago.

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upside down stretch

The Upside Down Neck Stretch

These people are so ridiculous I can’t even stand it. Maybe if I lie here like this for a while the blood will all rush to my head and make me an idiot, too, so that I don’t notice the other stupidity in the room.

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attack cat

I Will Attack You in my Sleep Stretch

Touch me and I will kill you. I am Dracula.

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