The Five Best Cat Breeds for Kids

Maine Coon

If you are considering a pet for your kids, chances are you are either considering a dog or a cat. However, if you are leaning towards a cat, you may wonder if their temperament will bode well with an active child who may be prone to tail pulling or wanting to cuddle when the cat wants to be left alone. Garrison Keillor once said, “cats are intended to teach us that not everything in nature has a purpose.” Cats typically do not sit, heal, or beg, even though some can be trained to do simple commands like their canine counterparts. Just be warned; they will unlearn as quickly as they pick up commands. According to Purina, cats are fantastic pets for families who have busier lifestyles. A cat likes to sleep a lot and doesn’t mind; they sometimes prefer to be left alone. Additionally, cats do not require long walks and do not necessarily need to go out often, even though you may have an indoor-outdoor cat who likes to stalk and hunt. If you decide to get a cat for your little one, some breeds are better suited than others for children. These are the five best cat breeds for kids.

5. Cornish Rex

These cats have a soft wavy coat and a prominent nose. One standout feature is the shape of their head, oval with giant eyes and sunken cheekbones. The legs are long, making them appear similar to a whippet. Even though they may look fragile, these cats pack a lot of strength in their medium-sized bodies. Their peaceful attitude lasts longer than their kitten years. According to petsumer, Cornish Rexes have similar characteristics to dogs; some even learn to fetch. They love to cuddle and prefer laps to somewhere alone, so not a cat for someone who is often away from the house because they can become destructive if left alone too long.

4. Ragdoll

These cats can learn simple commands like fetch and typically respond to their names. You may even have luck leash training them. Additionally, they will not hesitate to meow if they need more food in their dish. To watch out for is if they want to be let out of the room their in, they will throw themselves against a door until their human responds. Ragdolls are ideal for someone living in a small apartment because they are typically quiet. They got their name from how they go limp when someone picks them up, so they don’t have a problem being carried all over the house. Unlike other cats, ragdolls don’t get upset quickly and will not try to scratch if irritated.

3. Burmese

These cats are talkers, so if you have neighbors close, you may consider a different breed. One of the best parts about these cats is their energy. They love to be the center of attention and are always ready to be cuddled. According to allaboutcats, the National Alliance of Burmese Breeds dubbed them the “ultimate companion cats.” Another thing that makes them excellent cats for kids is how they are built. Some cats are fragile and can get easily hurt if picked up and taken everywhere. However, Burmese are a thick-boned cat. Even if they look small, you’ll realize that their size is deceiving once you pick them up. These cats are also highly empathic. If someone is sick or feeling sad, they won’t leave their human.

2. Abyssian

This breed is one of the oldest pedigrees. They are known for being not only intelligent but also very playful. Abyssian cats love children and will latch onto them and never leave their side. These cats are brilliant and enjoy learning their new surroundings. Although many cats don’t like being somewhere new, it’s the opposite with these casts. Moreover, they will take on the role of another child, never understanding their human is a different species. The breed never grows tired of affection, so if a child wants to spend hours with them, they will gladly stay and enjoy their company. Although many pedigree breeds have health issues, Abyssian’s don’t have any genetic defects that may lead to expensive vet bills.

1. Maine Coon

These cats are one of the largest breeds, both in personality and also in weight. This breed will be an immediate addition to a family as it adapts well. Although many cats don’t like children or prefer to be left alone, the Maine Coon will be thrilled with all the attention. Another great thing about the Main Coon breed is that they are hard to miss and tripped over because of their substantial size. According to mainecoon, one of the nicknames this cat has is the “gentle giant” because they are intelligent, incredibly caring, and loyal to their families. One of the best things to do is get a Maine when both your child and cat are young since this will help create a lifelong bond. Maine Coons love to snuggle and crave attention, so the more you give them, the happier they will be. The only downside is a young child may have a difficult time picking up this larger cat.

Closing thoughts

When you decide to bring a pet home, there are many things to consider. The idea of a cat instead of a dog may not sound like a good idea because of cats’ quirks and attitudes. However, much like dogs, they all have different moods, and a cat is sometimes a better option because they will fit into a busy lifestyle and are hours of entertainment. Bill Dana once said, “I had been told the training procedure with cats was difficult. It’s not. Mine had me trained in two days.” Anyone of these kittens will have you wrapped around their paw very quickly. Sometimes, it’s more difficult to understand what a cat is thinking because they don’t respond like their canine counterparts. However, once you get to know them you’ll understand exactly what they want. If you don’t, a cat won’t hesitate to let you know.

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