The 10 Best Maine Coon Breeders in Georgia

Maine Coons are an excellent choice for would-be cat owners. After all, they are majestic-looking creatures that are both smart and sociable. Fortunately, there are numerous Maine Coon breeders in Georgia, meaning you won’t be short on options if you live in the state.

Here are 10 of the best Maine Coon breeders in Georgia and its surroundings:

10. Savvy Cats – Griffin, GA

Savvy Cats is a bit unusual in that it offers more than one kind of cat. Maine Coon cats are a relatively recent addition to their selection. Still, Savvy Cats is a state-licensed cat breeder, so you might want to check it out. That is particularly true if you aren’t necessarily insistent on getting a Maine Coon.

9. Big Meow Maine Coon Cats – Conyers, GA

Unsurprisingly, Maine Coon breeders are often Maine Coon enthusiasts. Grace Ann Cox has been breeding these cats since the mid-1990s, so she possesses a wealth of expertise and experience when it comes to such matters.

Besides this, she shows considerable care for her Maine Coons, as shown by how they receive testing, screening, vaccination, and socialization. Getting an unhealthy Maine Coon means a higher chance of pain and grief in the future. As a result, you should avoid catteries unless they have such measures in place to protect their cats.

8. Son Shine Coons – Eatonton, GA

Son Shine Coons is an excellent example of a cattery that raises its cats in a home environment. That is a good thing rather than a bad thing for a couple of reasons. One, home-based catteries tend to produce a smaller number of cats, so each cat gets a bigger share of attention.

Two, home-based catteries raise cats on-site, which should make it easier for those cats to adjust to similar environments. Son Shine Coons seems to be a trusted name. It claims that some of its cats have been bought by other Maine Coon breeders for breeding purposes. If true, that says much about the confidence placed in its operations.

7. WildwoodCoon – Villa Rica, GA

WildwoodCoon is another home-based operation. Specifically, it is situated on a 70-acre farm that also serves as home to several dogs.

If you have a dog in your household, you might want to bump this cattery up on your list of Maine Coon breeders to check out. Being raised near dogs tends to make it much easier for Maine Coons to slot themselves into similar households.

6. SamBerKat Maine Coons – Lilburn, GA

SamBerKat Maine Coons is a cattery situated in Greater Atlanta. It has several virtues shared by other catteries on this list. For example, it tests and screens its cats because it wants to make sure they are healthy.

Similarly, it produces a small number of yearly litters so it can properly care for its kittens in a home environment. On the whole, SamBerKat Maine Coons is a solid choice you should check out if you are thinking of getting a Maine Coon.

5. Fayfay Maine Coons Cattery – Acworth, GA

Fayfay Maine Coons Cattery is a home-based cattery that is both TICA and CFA-registered. It makes it very clear that it is selective about who gets to buy one of its Maine Coons. Once again, that is a good thing rather than a bad thing. After all, that means they care about their cats, which tends to mean a higher chance of them adopting measures meant to promote their cats’ well-being. For that matter, it doesn’t hurt for you to run a self-assessment to see whether you are truly ready to take care of a new cat or not. Being well-prepared can make for a much smoother transition than otherwise possible.

4. Beargap Coons – Lakemont, GA

Beargap Coons is a Northeast Georgia-based cattery that shares more-or-less the same set of practices as the other catteries on this list. It is interesting to note that it specializes in European bloodlines.

That can sound strange when Maine Coons are an American cat breed. Still, the European bloodlines of Maine Coons have a reputation for being more impressive-looking, which is why catteries sometimes use this as a selling point.

3. Windtara Maine Coons – Morganton, GA

Speaking of which, Windtara Maine Coons is another cattery that specializes in European bloodlines. Unsurprisingly, it puts a strong emphasis on breeding healthy cats with good appearances and good temperaments. Furthermore, it lives up to that promise through its practices. For instance, every kitten has received testing, vaccination, and a veterinarian examination. The breeders have been screened for additional issues to reduce the chances of those being passed on, which is a very common practice among Maine Coon breeders.

2. Classy Coons – Martin, GA

Presentation matters. Anyone who visits Classy Coons’ website can tell that the people behind the cattery have put a fair amount of effort into it. With that said, if you are planning to get a cat, you should always look deeper into your chosen cattery’s operations rather than just put your unwavering trust in its claims.

Certainty is a valuable thing. As a result, you want to get your hands on the real thing rather than just settle for the semblance. That means more work, but the result will be worth it.

In any case, Classy Coons makes many of the same fine-sounding claims as the other catteries on this list. Examples range from routine testing and screening to the CFA and TICA registration. On top of this, the cattery is even licensed by Georgia’s Department of Agriculture.

1. Mainevu Maine Coons – Cartersville, GA

You may or may not care about competing in cat shows and similar events. If you care about this, you might want to get in touch with Mainevu Maine Coons and similar catteries.

That is because they are run by people with relevant expertise and experience, thus making them the natural choice for interested individuals. Of course, Mainevu Maine Coons is also a solid choice because the people behind it are serious about their promise to breed healthy cats with good appearances and good temperaments.

In exchange, you should expect a more exhaustive screening process for potential buyers. Oftentimes, good things come to people who are willing to wait.

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