The 10 Best Maine Coon Breeders in Oklahoma

Maine Coons are big, fluffy cats that happen to be smart and sociable. That combination makes them very popular, meaning interested individuals should have no problem finding Maine Coon breeders in their state. This is as true for Oklahoma as for the others.

Here are 10 of the best Maine Coon breeders in Oklahoma and the surrounding states:

10. LeadyPaw – Dittmer, MO

There are several Maine Coon breeders in Oklahoma. Still, some interested individuals might find it more convenient to look for these cats in neighboring states. For instance, Missouri is home to LeadyPaw, a small, home-based cattery in Greater St. Louis. It specializes in European Maine Coons, though it puts the same emphasis on these cats’ famous temperament.

9. Aliana Maine Coons – Sugarland, TX

Aliana Maine Coons is another home-based cattery. However, the size of its owners’ property means small might not be the most appropriate descriptor. Regardless, Aliana Maine Coons is based in Texas rather than Oklahoma. Specifically, it is in Sugarland, one of the more notable cities that make up Greater Houston.

8. Colorado Maine Coons – Conifer, CO

Colorado Maine Coons doesn’t have the most imaginative name. Even so, it has managed to build a fine reputation for itself over two and a half decades. This is another Maine Coon breeder in one of Oklahoma’s neighboring states. To be exact, it is in Conifer, one of the smaller communities in Greater Denver.

Maine Coon

7. Coonology Maine Coon Cattery – St. Enid, OK

Catteries tend to be on the smaller end of things. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing. After all, there are good reasons why catteries that produce a huge number of kittens are regarded with suspicion at best.

That said, this does mean that catteries don’t necessarily have websites. Instead, they handle their online marketing through their social media pages. Coonology is an excellent example. As a result, those who want to learn more about its European Maine Coons should head over to its Facebook page.

6. Coon Crazy – Boynton, OK

Coon Crazy raises its cats in a family environment, thus making them that much more capable of interacting with humans and other household members. Please note that it won’t allow in-person tours because it is a closed cattery. Some people might find that a bit eyebrow-raising.

However, closed catteries have legitimate concerns about visitors bringing in infectious microorganisms, which can be impossible or next-to-impossible to remove once they have established a foothold.

That said, they tend to have other ways to address potential buyers’ questions. If they don’t, interested individuals should consider that a cause for concern because becoming fully informed is the best way for them to protect their interests.

5. Bar O Maine Coons – Durant, OK

European Maine Coons are popular with a wide range of cat enthusiasts who consider them more majestic-looking. Thanks to that, numerous Maine Cat breeders market themselves by mentioning how their cats descend from imported lines.

Bar O Maine Coons is one of them. Besides this, interested individuals should check them out because of two other things. One is how it raises its cats in a family environment.

The other is how it takes its cats’ health seriously. Parent cats receive screening for inheritable health issues. Meanwhile, kittens receive vaccinations, microchips, and even health guarantees.

4. Tufts N Trills – Mooreland, OK

Tufts N Trills uses tests and screening to reduce the chances of its parent cats passing hypertrophic cardiomyopathy and other medical conditions to their offspring. However, it is also concerned with ensuring that its cats meet the breed standard, which is why it makes regular appearances at cat shows and similar events.

It is interesting to note that Tufts N Trills feeds its cats raw ground chicken supplemented with vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients because its owners believe that makes for the best nutritional outcomes.

3. Mountain Fork – Broken Bow, OK

Mountain Fork is in Southeastern Oklahoma. Thanks to that, it is a good choice for not just Oklahoma residents but also a considerable portion of Texas and Arizona residents. In any case, Mountain Fork is a long-established cattery that turns out happy, healthy Maine Coons from European bloodlines. Its kittens come with one-year health warranties, which say much about the confidence of its owners in their ability to ensure their cats’ well-being.

2. Happy Trills Maine Coons – Dill City, OK

The people behind Happy Trills Maine Coons are long-time cat lovers who started focusing on Maine Coons in recent times. Chances are good that interested individuals can guess that they became enamored after encountering one of these big cats before becoming more involved with the cat breed.

Nowadays, Happy Trills Maine Coons is breeding kittens descended from proven American and European bloodlines that have produced champions. Moreover, it uses tests, screening, and other healthcare measures to promote its cats’ well-being while raising them underfoot to make them better companions for their future owners.

1. My Lucky Stars Maine Coons – Moore, OK

My Lucky Stars Maine Coons is another cattery started by cat enthusiasts who became more and more interested in the cat breed over time. Amusingly, they were introduced back when their children were still young. Since then, their children have moved out, thus giving them the free time and space to run a home-based cattery.

The operation is registered with the CFA and the TICA. On top of this, the couple behind My Lucky Stars Maine Coons are eager participants in cat shows and similar events, which give them opportunities to confirm they are breeding towards the standard.

It seems safe to say that they have been very successful in this regard because they have produced multiple winners. Indeed, one of their cats was ranked 14th in the world in the 2019-2020 season, which is a feat worth boasting about.

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