Watch These Sweet Cats Snuggle One Another

snuggly cats

There are two types of living creatures in the world; those who love to snuggle with one another and those who need their personal space. There really is no in-between. You either love it, or you hate it and only want to snuggle when it’s good and convenient for you. It’s the same way with cats and dogs and other animals. Though it does seem to be that cats are far less snuggly than dogs in general, these cats in this video are the exception to the rule. They love to be close, snuggle with one another and really spend some good quality time together. Despite the fact that they are clearly not tiny kittens anymore, they are not deterred from wanting to spend some quality time snuggling in bed with one another.

Just watch as they get together in bed, knead one another and get comfortable so close together. Really, what are the odds that someone would end up with this many cats that love to be close? And our next question is whether or not these cats enjoy being close and snuggly when they are with their people, too, or if it is just with the cats? Either way, they certainly are darling and they do make us want to get together and cuddle up, too. Unless, of course, we aren’t cuddly people and we need our personal space. Check out this video and these adorable cats so that you can effectively lose all level of productivity the rest of the day.  

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