Five Water Behaviors with Your Cat and Helpful Tips


We often hear “my cat won’t drink out of her bowl” or ‘why does my cat always drink out of my glass?”, and a few other out of the ordinary cat/water habits.  Today we’re going to share five of these habits and what you can do about them if they cause you problems.  Here they are:

They drink from your glass – when a cat drinks from your glass, most scientists say it’s because they’re cat bowl water is too warm or stale.   Try giving their bowl a rinse and refill with fresh water.

Drinking from the faucet – it may be adorable when they drink from the faucet but it means something.   They’re instinct is to drink flowing water so instead of a faucet, invest in a pet fountain.

Going crazy when about to be bathed – cats are good at grooming themselves so luckily they don’t need to be bathed often.   However if you do need to bathe your cat, we wrote some good tips on the situation.

Splashing their water bowl – If your cat tips his water dish, get a bowl that’s wider on the bottom than on the top. If the dish isn’t clear, your cat might have an easier time finding the top of the water without tapping it with his paw. If kitty still finds a way to tip his dish, put it in a tray or a pie pan so the water doesn’t go everywhere.  This tip was from Catster.

Swimming – it’s rare to see a cat swim but some do and generally do so because of heat.

If you have any tips of your own please submit them to us!

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