How Cats Can Be Easier to Live With Than Dogs

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While we are huge dog fans, we can’t help but admit that cats can be easier to live with than dogs are. Dogs are lovely creatures and can be our best friends even, but it’s no secret that it takes a lot of work to care for them compared to cats, who require minimal care. Felines are just more independent and tend to march to the beat of their own drum, whereas dogs are like big babies – complete with the need care 24/7.

Here are 5 ways cats can be easier to live with than dogs:

1. Cats don’t beg you for your food. While there are some cats that want a bite or two of their owners’ food, for the most part, they’re content with their cat food. Most dogs, on the other hand, will beg you for food as you eat. Even if they aren’t jumping up on your lap and swatting at you to give them food, some sit there giving you “puppy dog eyes” in order to guilt you into giving them your nosh.

2. Two words: litter box. While there are a few trained dogs that know they need to use the bathroom in a designated place (read: not just anywhere they please), most don’t have that knowledge and will go anywhere – including your friend’s pristine white carpet. Yikes!

3. Cats are quieter, as in they don’t bark. Sure, they meow and when they’re angry they can hiss, but for the most part they are silent creatures. Case in point: which one is louder when the mailman comes to the door? Woof? Yes, we thought so.

4.  Felines don’t smell as much as their canine counterparts. Overall, cats are very clean, as they constantly groom themselves and are very stickler about their cleanliness. Because of that, they tend to not emit odors, or at least not as much odors as dogs do.

5. It’s easier to travel. Leaving them for an overnight trip is more flexible with a cat than with a dog. As long as cats have fresh water, plenty of food and a clean litter box, you’re set. With a dog, it’s more planning: even an overnight trip involves you bringing your dog along with you or you leaving your pup with a sitter.

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