Why Do Cats Knead Blankets?

Let’s face it: cats are really interesting, hilarious and funny creatures! They are always doing strange yet amusing things every other moment of the day, such as their characteristic grooming rituals that end up on the funny side of the spectrum. Have you ever noticed that cats knead blankets? In a motion like they are making bread, felines have been caught kneading rhythmically with a far-off yet calm look on their faces, often accompanied by purring noises. So just why do cats knead blankets?

Here are a few reasons why cats may knead blankets:

– As newborns, kittens will often knead their mother’s belly as they come in to nurse – the motion is thought to stimulate flow of the milk. Fastforward to now: while kneading doesn’t always yield milk, adult felines may always associate the motion with the comfort of nursing.

– It may also go back to the days when wild cats would pat down leaves or grass to make a comfortable sleeping or birthing bed.

– If you haven’t noticed yet, cats seem to be natural yoga experts, especially after they wake up from a nap. Kneading is one of the numerous ways that felines help keep themselves limber.

– Female felines have an interesting reason for kneading: they usually knead their paws right before they go into heat. The kneading action is a display to male cats that she is able and wants to mate.

– As territorial creatures, one of the ways they keep their turf safe is to mark their scent onto their belongings.

– If your cat is perched onto your lap and kneading you as you are petting it, it’s their way to returning your affection and is trying to tell you that he loves you right back!

Photo by Christopher Furlong/Getty Images


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