Clever Cat Catches Dinner Fishing and Doesn’t Get Claws Wet


When cats want something, cats will do anything to get it. They are very aggressive when they need to be and tend to be very focused animals. One thing they can be very focused about is food. They may not be the biggest eaters, but they know what they like. Cats love their fish – not only is it true in pop culture, but is obviously true in real-life as well, as proven by a viral video going around of a clever cat who is caught fishing for its dinner… literally!

In the video below, you can see a gray and white cat very focused looking out at the ocean water in front of it while perched atop a big rock on the coast. The kitty seems to be very focused at something in the water, but it also seems like the feline is worried about getting wet. You can hear kids and adult voices in the background, so it’s clear that a bunch of people are watching this kitty do its thing. If we didn’t know any better, we would think the cat is attempting to go fishing, cat style! It tries unsuccessfully a few times, pawing aggressively into the water. Once it deems the one end a fail, the feline runs over to another end where it thinks its chances would be greater in catching a tasty fish. It was a smart move, as almost right away the kitty has its eye on something in the water. After a few moments, it paws at the water and ends up grabbing a sizable fish

Photo Source: YouTube

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