Why Would you Ever Give Your Cat Wine or Beer?

Cat with wine bottle

Most cat owners know the dangers of giving beer or wine to your feline friend.  But there are some that might not know the real dangers that could be involved.  While we humans are not harmed by the occasional drink, cats can get very sick from just one sip.

Humans and cats have different systems and just a tiny amount of alcohol can cause a cat to become dangerously sick.  In fact, there are many felines brought into animal’s hospitals around the country due to alcohol poisoning.

Brain damage can even occur in cats that have ingested too much alcohol and they will often go into seizures.  Some of these animals never recover from the event and have to be put to sleep.  Sadly this happens all too often by accident.  But for those that give their pets alcohol on purpose, they should realize that it is a form of animal cruelty.  In some states you can get arrested for doing so.

Other things that could happen are kidney damage and even kidney failure due to large amounts of alcohol.  Cats just can’t process the chemical the way us humans can.  In fact alcohol toxicity can occur even in larger animals such as dogs.

The signs and symptoms of alcohol toxicity may be delayed in cats, especially if they have just had a large meal.  So if your pet has accidently ingested beer or wine, please make sure to take them to the Vet right away.  Delaying carrying them to the clinic could cause them to go into shock, resulting in death.

But prevention is always the best policy.  If you are enjoying some wine or beer with friends, make sure to tell them to keep a close eye on their drinks.  Also, never leave an open wine bottle or beer can out on the countertop.  Cats are curious and just might knock them over while you are out of the room.

So now that you know the dangers of alcohol consumption in cats, please speared the word.  By doing so you just might save the life of cat one day.

Image via Yoji’s Mommy at Flickr.com

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