10 Human Foods that are Safe for Cats to Eat


There’s nothing worse than that look when your pet is sitting on the floor while you’re eating and they give you that awful face.  You know the face that says “why can’t I have some of that?”  And it’s at these times as pet owners we feel horrible and really want to give our cats some of our food.  Well, it turns out that we can.  In fact, here are 10 human foods that are safe for your cat to eat in moderation….


Fish – Canned fish, like tuna, is fine to share with your kitty in small portions. Though your feline will probably try to beg for a bigger bite, it is important to keep it small. This will prevent your cat from ingesting too much mercury, fatty acids and magnesium, which can cause health problems. Your furry friend’s diet should never solely consist of canned fish – via


Cheese – Again, small is the key word when it comes to treating your kitty. Cheese is a good source of protein for felines, but since many cats are lactose intolerant, larger portions can cause digestive issues. Try feeding your friend cottage cheese or low-lactose cheeses before attempting anything richer. Most importantly, make sure to make dairy a special surprise, not an everyday treat – via


Broccoli – A cat’s diet is dependent on protein, but sometimes they get a craving for veggies. If you notice your cat chomping on house plants, try feeding it a small portion of steamed broccoli. This could satisfy their desire for greens and keep them away from potentially toxic house plants. Veggies, like plants and grass, can also help your cat clear up digestive troubles. If you are interested in keeping you cat on a vegetarian diet full-time, you should talk it over with your vet before making the switch. – via


Eggs – Give your cat a real breakfast by serving up some eggs. Scrambled and hard-boiled eggs are excellent for giving your feline a dose of protein. Just be careful not to use any butter or cooking spray during the preparation of the eggs that you are planning to hand over to your kitties. While there isn’t a consensus, most vets recommend staying away from raw eggs, since the same food-borne illnesses that affect humans can upset pets as well. – via


Lean Deli Meats – Serving deli meats such as turkey, ham and chicken can be a delicious way to snazz up your cat’s meals. It is important to check any meat you plan on feeding your cat for preservatives, flavorings and other additives. Additionally, portions should be kept small and used only as a snack, not as your feline’s main source of food – via


Melon – Like broccoli, melon could be a good bite to feed cats to stop them from chewing on house plants. Cantaloupe, honeydew and watermelon are fine for your cat to ingest in small quantities, as long as seeds are removed. The fruits can help you feline with digestive issues, but should be offered only occasionally because cats are carnivorous and their bodies can’t digest large amounts of plant matter. – via


Spinach – Once again, if your cat is craving some green stuff, spinach can be a good way to go, especially when you are trying to help your pet relieve tummy troubles. Spinach should not be fed to cats with a history of urinary or kidney problems, since the calcium oxalates in the leaf can form crystals in the urinary tract. – via


Beef – Though they may look cute and cuddly, cats are downright fericious carnivores. The feline body is built to thrive on meat. If you choose to feed your cat beef, you should give only small amounts and always avoid fatty portions. Kitties have obesity issues too, so make sure you keep their best interest in mind when giving them a bit of beef. Raw meat is also not the best choice due to food-borne illnesses. – via


Bananas – If you’ve got a crazy cat, you can make it even more bananas by feeding them the actual fruit. Frozen bananas are a safe snack to feed your cat if it has that craving. As with the other non-meat products on this list, bananas should be fed to your kitty only in small portions, since cats are natural carnivores. – via


Canned Baby Food – Meat-based baby foods can be a helpful way to encourage a cat with a health problem, like chronic kidney disease, to eat their needed food and medicine. Before buying, it is crucial to check the ingredients for onion and garlic powder, since both can be extremely harmful to cats. Feeding your cat baby food should not become a part of your cat’s normal diet. – via

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