Wrinkly Sphynx Cat Steals the Heart of the Internet

Every time we talk of our pets, we insist on calling them our “furry friends” but what happens when your feline happens to be hairless. Well, “Sphynx” is the name given to hairless cats, and it is derived from Sphinx, an Egyptian god that had a lion’s body and a man’s head. As they say, everyone, including animals, is unique, and one sphynx cat has stolen the hearts of internet users despite most saying that it has a face that only a mother could love. Here is the story of Xherdan.

Falling in love with a brain-looking cat

When Sandra Filippi, who lives in Ruti, Switzerland, first set her eyes on Xherdan, she fell in love with him. Even in his wrinkled pink skin and turquoise eyes, Sandra knew that she would keep him forever. Although the cat has been compared to all types of things, including raw mincemeat, brain, and albino Yoda, it is not just the wrinkly skin that terrifies people. Xherdan has an angry-looking face that would make you think twice before approaching him, but Sandra insists that deep inside, he is like a child who loves playing and cuddling.

Sandra admits that people are scared of Xherdan, but once they meet him, they end up falling in love with him like she did. Just like how a child changes someone’s life, Xherdan has given Sandra a lot to live for with his charming nature and constant “talking” that always makes her laugh. She does not mind that her feline friend takes up a lot of her time since he always wants to be with her; instead, she loves taking care of his every need, which includes regular cleaning and grooming.

He is an Instagram celebrity

If you have less than 28K followers on Instagram, then Xherdan has beaten you with the amount of influence he is raking on the platform. By March 12, 2020, the number of followers was 23,700, and 12 days later, the figure has grown to 28,700. So far, the account, “xherdanthenakedcat,” has 396 posts mostly of himself, but Sandra has been featured in some. One particular photo has Sandra holding Xherdan next to her naked chest, and you can see the sides of her breasts. The photo garnered 2,687 likes proving that you should set the bar on how you want others to treat you or your loved ones. His celebrity status is, however, limited to Instagram because although Xherdan has a Facebook page that goes by the same name, it only has 881 followers despite being almost two years old.

Sphynx cats have turned people into criminals

If you thought to own a Chanel mini flap bag was too costly for you, then even buying a Sphynx cat is out of your price range. Sphynx cats can cost as much as $3,000, and it is all about economics. Any quality product or service falls in the higher price range, and since sphynx cats are purebred, then their quality is high. Additionally, just like with the law of demand and supply, sphynx cats are rare to find, which pushes their price up. Finally, they use up a lot of money for breeding and maintenance, which means that if Sandra were ever to sell Xherdan, then she would pocket thousands of dollars.

That said, not everyone is willing to pay the price of owning a Sphynx cat, which has resulted in crime. In 2015, one woman wanted a sphynx cat for Christmas, and given the price tag of $700, she thought it best to get one for free through stealing. Unluckily for the woman, she was caught on camera, and the store owner put the footage online instead of reporting her to the authorities. Bill, the store owner, told the thief to do the right thing, which meant either returning the cat or paying the $700. The woman went to the pet store and paid, saying all she wanted was to give the cat a good life.

In another case, one unscrupulous trader knew how much sphynx cats are in demand and the fortune he would make if he sold some. Therefore as reported by The Bored Panda, he shaved kittens clean using a razor and scammed buyers into thinking they were buying sphynx cats. With time, the hair grew back much to the surprise of the buyers who had spent $700 on a kitten. One woman, Joanne, who had fallen victim to the scam, said the kitten she got looked so similar to a sphynx cat that she would not have thought she had been scammed. Unfortunately, since the kitten kept crying, a visit to the vet proved he had been subjected to cruelty.

Why you should think twice before getting a sphynx cat

Sandra may be happy taking care of Xherdan, but just like she reveals, it requires a lot of dedication to take care of the sphynx cats. This breed always wants to be in the company of someone; therefore, if you leave the house for a long time, you will deny them the love and attention needed. Additionally, sphynx cats sweat a lot, which means they can leave unsightly stains on your bright-colored furniture if they lie there for a long time. As a result, they need a bath at least once a week, and since they do not have hair in their ears to trap wax, you should clean them at least twice a week to avoid blocking the ear canal.

As if that is not disgusting enough, sphynx cats’ feces have an awful smell, and they poop more often than other cats, so be ready to change their litter box frequently. Since they do not have fur, their bodies do not retain heat; hence you must also ensure you keep them warm through heat lamps or fleece jackets when it gets cold. On the other hand, when it is too hot, you should watch out that they do not sunbathe for too long, lest they get sunburns. All the same, if you can put up with a cat that needs a lot of attention and is ready to give love in return, then a sphynx cat is your ideal companion.

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