The Cutest British Shorthair Videos of 2017

The British Shorthair heirs from England and is one of the most common breeds of cats. It is also the breed used in the famous stories, Puss in Boots and played the Cheshire Cat in Alice in Wonderland. The breed fell to an almost extinct existence after two World Wars, but were able to be revitalized with the help of the breeding of other Shorthairs, as Britain refers to them. They are a very laid back type of cat with great dispositions, well-mannered, and make great family pets. Although they love to be close to you, they aren’t exactly known to be “lap cats.” Nor do they care to be carried around, mainly due to their large size. But these beautiful short and sleek-haired cats are adorable and they make some of the cutest cat videos. To prove it, take a look at the cutest British Shorthair cat videos of 2017.

1. A little cat talk

This sweet little British Shorthair is obviously very comfortable where he is and he is having a little conversation with his owner that is precious. The cat’s owner is sweet-talking this feline who almost seems to understand what she is saying by the way he responds to her gentle talking. He’s got his little head rested in her hand and replies in the cutest, short little chirps that will melt your heart. You can hear how content he is just by his sounds and the way he lays so comfortably where  he is. In the end, it appears he just dozes right off to sleep in her hand. It is one of the most adorable British Shorthair videos you have to see.

2. Playtime with British Shorthair

This little British Shorthair is having a ball playing and it’s obvious when you see him jump and flip around chasing a light and his toys. He’s all about fun and games at this age and full of energy. It’s fun to watch a kitten get so excited about his toys and when they leap like they do, it makes you realize just how agile and talented cats really are. Watch this little kitten get some real air as he goes after his toys that his owner dangles in front on him. Michael Jordan only wishes he had this kinda skill.

3. Sleepy British Shorthair kitten

This kitten couldn’t be any cuter. He’s obviously pooped out and just as comfortable as he could be. Stretched out on his back, he’s ready for some serious siesta and his owner is having fun messing with him, but this little kitten just ignores all the taunting and stretches out even more. His eyes never open because really, he’s just sleeping through it all. Hey, when you’re tired, you’re tired! Watch this snuggly kitten as he sleeps, stretches, and sleeps some more despite his owner trying to arouse him in one of the cutest British Shorthair videos.

4. Tiny British Shorthair kitten learning to play

This breed makes some of the cutest babies. Their short little ears, their beautiful, fluffy fur, they are totally cuddly and this little kitten is adorable. He’s just weeks old and learning to play with his owner’s hand. He’s wide-eyed and curious and rolling around and loving the attention. There’s nothing but cuteness in this video, so watch it and see if you don’t agree it’s one of the cutest videos of a British shorthair kitten.

5. How many British Shorthairs can you count?

British Shorthairs everywhere, and they’re all in synch here. Too cute, watching a ton of kittens moving in synch as their owner plays with their toy. Could they be the next music video sensation, because they sure got their dance routine down. If you love videos with lots of cats, being cats, then you’ll love this cute video of a group of ten of these British Shorthairs doing what cats love best, being cats.


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