Nashville Musician Reunites with Cat after Losing Everything

The nation was shocked to learn about the Christmas season bombing that took place in Nashville, Tennessee. Little was known about the details of the incident for the first several days. It was eventually discovered that a distraught man had built a bomb to end his life in his recreational vehicle. His actions not only took his life, but it forever changed the lives of many who were in the surrounding area when the explosion took place. In all the chaos, however, a miracle was in the process of taking place.

Musician loses everything in Christmas bombing

According to WRN News, The blast that was discharged on Christmas Day of 2020, took a toll on the neighborhood and caused damage to many of the residents nearby. Buck McCoy is a Nashville musician who was living in an apartment building close to the scene of the tragedy. His apartment ws completely destroyed, leaving him out in the cold. The worst part of the tragedy is that he couldn’t find his cat Molly. Molly didn’t get our of the building when Buck made his escape. When the dust cleared there were animal control officials on the scene carrying surviving pets out of the scene secured in cages. Buck saw them and ran to look for his beloved pet. Much to his relief, he found Molly among them. She was released to Buck and the two of them were reunited after six grueling days of worry and stress about her fate. Although Buck lost everything else that he owned in the blast, he is planning to move forward in a new chapter of his life, with Molly by his side.

Why this story means so much

Americans and other people living around the world have had a challenging year in 2020. We’re still carrying over the Pandemic that started in late 2019 into 2021. Many of us have lost loved ones or have experienced financial devastation because of the far-reaching effects of the world health crisis. It’s taken a toll on all aspects of our lives and we’re just starting to see a glimmer of hope with the distribution of the vaccines to combat the spread of Covid-19. Instead of the constant reports of new death tolls and infection rates, or restaurants and other businesses going permanently out of business, we need to see some good arise out of the tragic circumstances that surround us. Our mental health depends on it.

There’s really a lot more good out there than we realize

According to Bright Side, staff understand this need and they join in the movement to help spread a little cheer to lighten our hearts if just for a few moments. All we have to do is look around us to find out that people are still wonderful in spite of the fact that political differences divide us. We’re still doing good deeds and helping total strangers in their time of need. Students in Ukraine raised money that would otherwise have been used for a fancy prom, but chose instead to donate it to a charity. Because of their selflessness, many children who suffer from heart problems will get the treatment they so desperately need.

Third graders honor their teacher

A group of third-graders learned their teacher named Olga was diagnosed with cancer. They made her cards with heartfelt messages, but they did something even more special. They pulled together to sell fundraising items and raised $6,000 to help her with her medical bills. John is a man who needed to have a kidney transplant to survive. His best friend Kaid donated a kidney and saved his buddy’s life. A turtle named Freddie was badly burned in a fire. A group of surgeons got together and saved the injured turtle. A 3D printed shell was made to replace the one that had to be removed due to damage. An Ohio high schooler honored his mother by taking her to the prom with him. She had a challenging childhood and the young man wanted to do something special for her. Instead of taking a classmate, he took his best girl for an evening of fun and enjoyment.

People are donating coats, shoes, socks, toys, and many other items for those who don’t have the resources to buy them. Acts of kindness are taking place all around us, but sadly, we don’t get to hear about them much. It seems that the headlines mostly focus upon the events that are taking place that represent a threat to our way of life. It isn’t that we need to hide from the truth, but we certainly do need a few buffers every now and then. Insider also jumped on the bandwagon and shared 13 heartwarming stories that renew our faith and hope. They share just a few of the incredible things that people have done out of the goodness and love in their hearts to help their fellow man and pets.

Final thoughts

As we’re coming upon a new year, we’re not quite out of the woods yet, and we must still be cautious and follow the recommendations for staying safe. We’re not yet to the point where we can shake a buddy’s hand at the grocery store or give a hug to a stranger, but we can help each other in other ways. The time is coming when we’ll see this crisis fade into the twilight of history, but in the meantime, there are plenty of good things that we can focus on. Even if its reading about something nice that a person does, or reading about a pet hero, we need to have more positive news coming our way. Things are serious and these are perilous times that we live in. It’s good to make the time in our lives at least once a day to hear about something happy and then tell someone else about it.

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