How to Properly Wash a Cat

Yes, every now and then, your cat probably needs a bath, and he may even require one due to a medical condition. If you plan to bathe your cat, there are a few things that can help the experience be better and go a bit more smooth for both of you. Although it sounds like it would be an impossible task to bathe a cat, because we all know that cats typically don’t like water, you can get your cat to either tolerate bathing, or even enjoy it. Here are some things you will want to keep in mind when bathing your cat, so that you bathe them properly.

1. First, brush you kitty well to remove all tangles, knots and shedding fur so that they are easier to wash and dry. The freer his fur is of anything that could make the bath more uncomfortable, the better it will be for him.

2. You will want to tire your cat out to help him feel more calm and rested. Try to get him to play hard for a while just before the bath. Spend time playing with toys and getting him to chase, jump and run. When he’s nice and tired out, he will be more apt to relax during the bath.

3. Put a rubber mat of some sort in the sink or tub you’re bathing him in. It’s precautionary to help him not slip, and run about 3-4 inches of water in the sink.

4. You will want to use a hand held sprayer to gently spray water around on his body to moisten his fur. It’s easier to control where the water goes with a sprayer.

5. Lather your kitty up with a good shampoo that is made for your cat’s type of fur. Never use a human-type of shampoo as it can be very harsh on their skin and dry their fur out. Work from your cat’s head, down to their tail, getting all the shampoo thoroughly lathered into the fur. Be careful to avoid the cat’s face, eyes and ears and always move in the direction of the cat’s hair growth.

6. Rinse your cat gently, and again, be careful around the face. You don’t want shampoo in his face, and yo don’t want to spray water from the sprayer into his face. Make sure all the shampoo is out so that it doesn’t sit in his fur and irritate his skin long after the bath. It can be very drying. Always test the water first before spraying it on your cat. It should not be too cold or hot, only lukewarm.

7. Gently pat your cat’s face dry with a dry cloth or towel. Not only are you wiping away any water that may have gotten in his face, but you’re cleaning it too. After his face is wiped clean, dry his body. Wipe the towel down his body to help absorb all the excess water, before using a little more drying action with it to really get to his skin and remove all excess water. If he will let you, try to warp the towel around him a bit and hold him so that his body temperature stays warm.

8. You can brush him out when he is a bit drier. If you try to brush him when he’s too wet, it can pull fur and hurt. Once he’s dry and feels all clean and happy, let him take off and go play. He should feel all nice and clean and be a happy, happy, cat.

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