Things to Consider Before Become a Sphynx Cat Breeder


There are some things that you need to know and consider before becoming a sphynx cat breeder. Known for their dog-like disposition, big lemon shaped eyes, and soft chamois skin, Sphynx are one of the most sought after breeds. While I am sure that you love your Sphynx cat more than life itself, and can only imagine how beautiful baby Sphynx kittens would be, there are some harsh realities that need to be well thought out before you venture into the life of a Sphynx breeder.

Sphynx Cat Breeding is an Expensive Hobby, Not a Job

First of all, becoming a breeder of any sort is expensive, but even more so when you breed Sphynx cats. Just the expense to keep up with the cattery in medical bills, food for the cats, supplies, and other unforeseen breeding costs are probably more than you ever anticipated. The truth is, never going to get rich breeding sphynx cats. Breeding as should not be seen as a job, instead just an expensive hobby.

You Must Become an Expert

If you decide to become a Sphynx breeder, you must become an expert on the breed. While you may already think you know a lot from the experiences with your own cat, it’s much different when breeding cats. You need to learn about the traits, temperament, and potential health issues with this breed. Reputable breeders are experts in such things as selecting sphynx foundation cats, bloodlines, and genetic history.

Find A Mentor Breeder

Just because you decide that you want to start breeding Sphynx, it will be near impossible to find someone to sell you an unaltered cat without any experience. In order to build your reputation, you will to find a breeder that will be willing to help and mentor you as you begin this journey. One may be hard to find, but a highly regarded breeder can give you a lot of tips and support, while answering some of your hard pressed questions about the breeding process.

Prepare for the Commitment

One you decide to open a Sphynx cattery, keep in mind that it will be an absolute commitment and may require you to put your life on hold. Besides the daily tasks of grooming, cleaning, feeding and caring for your Spyhnx cats, you will not be able to take vacations or make long-term plans because obligations from the cats may arise at any time. Some of these commitments involve emergency health issues, pregnant cats, or very young kittens that require special care after birth.

Be Able to Control Your Emotions

One of the biggest considerations before deciding to become a Sphynx breeder is deciding whether or not you can handle the emotional toll. Death is something that a lot of breeders have a hard time dealing with, especially when it involves your beloved Sphynx losing her life due to pregnancy and birth complications or from some other health-related issue. There is also a chance that some of the kittens could be still-born for no apparent reason. Are you prepared to hadle these situations? It can also be emotionally draining once your kittens are born because some may not sell, and it’s up to you to figure out what to do with these cats. If you can’t find loving homes for them, you may have to take on the burden of keeping them for yourself.

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