Trapped Kitten Waited in 109 Degree Heat for an Owner


Young people are often derided for spending time on their smartphones and playing video games. Many older individuals see this behavior as wasting one’s life. However, in some circumstances, playing a game can actually save a life.

This was the case for Spock, a gorgeous orange cat who is now living a happy life in a loving home. However, he had to endure some very difficult situations in his youth before finding this new home. His troubled upbringing left him dirty, covered in ticks, and fearful of people. Interestingly, it was the wildly popular game Pokemon Go that saved him.

Zerofatorial is the Reddit username of the woman who found Spock. She was walking the streets of Portalegre, Portugal while playing Pokemon Go one day when she heard what sounded like a bird chirping. However, given the sweltering 109-degree heat, she was surprised to hear a bird and decided to investigate. What she found was far more interesting, and far more heartbreaking.

Instead of a bird, Zerofatorial found Spock. Stuck behind an electricity post, the trapped kitten was clearly in distress. In fact, he was apparently so tired that he was unable to close his mouth. Instead, it hung open, allowing for the occasional cry for help. Luckily, Zerofatorial happened to be walking by at the right time. She immediately called the fire department for assistance.

Unfortunately, Spock’s suffering was not quickly alleviated. When the firemen arrived, they gave the kitten some water, but were unable to free him. Even the machine that they used to pry open the bottom of the post was not working. While their hopes were fading, Spock’s indomitable spirit continued to inspire his rescuers. At long last, the firemen decided to pry away the post at both the bottom and top. It was this final, desperate attempt that succeeded in freeing the poor kitten.

Spock was understandably panicked by the ordeal and attempted to flee the scene. Luckily, a fireman was able to catch him and bring him back to Zerofatorial. She took the cat home in order to address his health as much as possible. While Spock remained suspicious of people, his new family was able to give him a bath and remove his numerous ticks. He immediately bonded with the other animals in the home, and came around to become affectionate with Zerofatorial and her family after several months.

Trapped 2

Spock’s story is a great example of how animals can bring out the best in people. It took the combined efforts of Zerofatorial, firemen, and Spock himself to escape the dire situation. As well, it is clear that Zerofatorial and her family are caring and dedicated individuals, as Spock has flourished in her new home to become a happy and affectionate cat. Odd as it may be, he also owes his life to Pokemon Go, without which he may never have been found on that sweltering day. In a world filled with strife and hardship, it is always nice to hear stories like Spock’s. What began as a dire situation resulted in a wonderful adoption which has brought a great deal of love and happiness into Spock’s new home.

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