Yes, A Firefighter Had to Rescue a Cat Stuck in a Watering Can

Stuck cat

Firefighters rescue people from any emergency situations such as traffic incidents, chemical spills, fire, etc. But did you know that they also rescue animals like dogs and cats?  It may sound strange to some people but the answer is yes, they do rescue animals from dangerous situations. In 2014, Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service in United Kingdom did a lot of animal rescue including cases of cats that got stuck in trees.

According to Steve Willatt, red watch manager at Western Fire Station in Aikman Avenue, New Parks, they have responded to unusual incidents that ranged from nose ring removal to cows that were stuck in the ditch. But one of the most unforgettable rescues they did last year was the cat who got stuck in a watering can.

One afternoon a cat that was stuck in a watering can was brought to the Western Fire Station by a young lady and her daughter, who was about 11 or 12 years old.  The daughter was upset and worried about their cat but the firemen assured her that the feline will be rescued safely

The young cat’s head was sticking out of the can. Somehow the animal got inside the can and his shoulders got stuck while trying to turn around. The firefighters used a pair of tin snips to cut down the side of the can. Since the snips are hand-held cutters, the cat was freed without any injury. Both the mother and daughter were very happy and thankful to the firefighters for rescuing their beloved furry friend.

Other animal rescues that they did last year involved a dog and two cows. Willatt’s team rescued a Staffordshire Terrier whose head was stuck in railings of a first floor balcony. In order to save the canine, the firefighters cut the fence. As for the cow rescue, it took about an hour. Firefighters used a heavy lifting strap and successfully pulled the animals from sinking in the muddy ditch.

Due to the number of animal cases they get, the firefighters are also trained in animal rescue, which is really helpful in dealing with unusual incidents. I think it’s really cool that they have the knowledge to rescue both human and animals lives.

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