10 of the Biggest Myths about Kittens


Kittens are pretty easy-to-love pets, and people get them because they are so simple to care for; or are they? There’s a lot of misconception about kittens out there, and it’s time to figure out what is fact and what is fiction. Since so many people choose to raise kittens based on the belief that they are easier than dogs or other pets to care for, it might be a good idea for you to read some of the biggest myths about kittens before making the commitment to get one of your own. It might surprise you to learn that they are not, in fact, as low maintenance or simple as you might have originally believed. Cats and kittens are far more complex than they are given credit for, and we have the proof right here for you to see for yourself. Read on to find out some of the biggest misconceptions about kittens there are out there.

Kittens are Low Maintenance

Cats might seem low maintenance, but they are actually nowhere near as low maintenance as people believe that they are. They require a bit more attention than most people realize, since they are animals. This misconception likely derives from the fact that cats are easily entertained and they don’t have to be walked like a dog, and so people think this automatically makes them less work than other animals. It’s not always the truth, however.

Kittens Drink Milk

Kittens are actually lactose intolerant. Well, not all cats are lactose intolerant, but the vast majority of kittens are, which means you’re doing more harm than good when you add milk to their bowl in hopes that they will drink it. They need water, not milk. It seems innocuous, but the milk they are drinking might actually make them sicker than you think, and that’ something you’ll have to deal with.

Fixing Kittens Means Health Issues

When you make the decision to spay or neuter your cat, you are making a great decision. Kittens that grow up without this medical help and have litter after litter are not doing the world any favors. There are already millions of animals in need of a permanent home, and making more of those is actually a terrible idea. There is no health issues associated with getting your kittens fixed.

Declawing Kittens is for the Best

Declawing kittens is far more painful and dangerous than many people realize. It might be more convenient for your furniture and your body, but you can actually harm your kitten. And if your kitten were accidently to get out of the house, you have to worry about the fact that it is now a cat that has to defend itself in the wild with no claws. And it is very painful for your kitten to have to go through.

Kittens are bad for Pregnant Women

There is some truth to this, but it’s not the actual kitten that is bad for pregnant mothers. It’s their litter box. Cat feces can cause toxoplasmosis, which is dangerous for women and their unborn babies. Women who inhale litter or become contaminated with litter can pick up this disease – and it’s not evident if your cat has it or no t- and become very sick, putting her unborn baby’s life at risk.

Kittens Want to Go Outside

Many people feel that it is inhumane to put their cats indoors and leave them there. New kittens are curious and they are very into anything they can get into. However, that does not make them feel the need to go outside. Cats are perfectly happy to live indoors as indoor animals, and there is no need to feel guilty thinking that your cat’s obsession with staring outside is anything more than just an interest in what’s happening out the window. Cats like comfy homes a little too much.

Kittens Don’t Need Parents

Many people feel that with a little milk and a bottle, kittens don’t need their mothers. While some kittens are unable to be with their mothers for various reasons, they do need them. It is not easy to care for a kitten that does not have a mother, and it’s dangerous. Your kitten should be with its mother for several months before you bring it home to keep it safe and make sure it’s growing properly.

Kittens Don’t Need the Vet

There are a number of cat owners that do not believe they need to see the vet with their kittens. Cats have a great need to go to the vet, and you should take yours when you bring it home just to be on the safe side as well as to establish a connection and relationship with the vet.

Kittens Go to the Vet Once a Year

It is so easy to assume that a young, healthy kitten only needs to see the vet once a year, but this is incorrect. As your cat gets older, it will only need to see the vet more often, and it’s recommended that your cat see the vet several times a year as it is to check for health issues, development and even illness. And anytime your kitten seems to have any health-related concerns, it’s a good idea to go ahead and get the cat out of the house and to the vet so that it can be checked out and monitored to see what might be the issue.

Kittens Need a Vegan Diet

Why on earth people think that cats need to be vegans is such a mystery. It’s not a big secret that cats are actually predatory animals that live on what they can catch in the wild. Sure, kittens and cats are fine with the food that you give them, but they need a little bit of meat in their diets or they’re going to lack some of the nutrients they need to stay healthy. Kittens are domesticated animals these days, but they still need vital nutrients that an all vegan diet cannot provide.

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